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New sellers can get orders too. ~A message from Miss Dixie~


We’ve read these on the forum quite a lot.

“I’m a new seller and I can’t get orders”
“It’s unfair, new sellers don’t get the attention”
“Please give new sellers a chance too”
“Respect the new sellers”

I mentioned this in another post, but new sellers can get orders too!
I know at least 3 new sellers who got their first orders within hours ( and continue to be successful) for a GOOD REASON. They did everything right.

And to prove that, here’s the lovely Miss Dixie, a new seller on Fiverr.
I saw her post just 10 days or so ago?? I went to check her gigs and immediately
I was interested because she did everything right. Well, at least to me.
A few days ago I ordered a gig to create a message to sellers, and her being a new
seller is what’s important.

I gave her the basic list of what to cover, but she did a great job with
taking that and winging it, adding her own little humor and original lines.
I think she nailed it.

So sit back and listen to the sound of her sultry voice. Enjoy!

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Is it fair to say that following these tips will trans form your Fiverr experience?


This is my love it face. 'Cause seeing is believing. :heart_eyes:


Zeus this is totally awesome! Thank you for sharing! All smiles over here :slightly_smiling_face: :tada:

Mek sells peeps should watch this video over and over again til their eyeballs hurt. :smiley:

Miss Dixie is a looker, humorous and a natural in front of the :video_camera: camera.
Fyi~ I never wear white (my least fave color), so I’m good. :joy:

@eoinfinnegan you’re a goofball! :laughing:

Is it fair to say that following these tips will trans form your Fiverr experience?

Um, to answer your Q, I think is very fair! In fact, a guaranteed transformation, dahling. :stuck_out_tongue: :clinking_glasses:


“Is it fair to say that following these tips will trans form your Fiverr experience?”

XD God I love Fiverr so much, lol!

Awesome video, btw! Dixie is fantastic!




Bwahahahahaha :upside_down_face:

Clarification ‘white’ meaning as in clothes, socks, bedding, towels, knickers that kinda thing.

Wanna share a cone? :icecream: :yum:


I am sure she likes vanilla as much as the rest of us, lol


I do, very much so. :yum:

Vanilla beans are the best thing ever. They are really good in recipes, especially chocolate ones.


She’s fantastic! What’s her username? I tried to find her but couldn’t.


that’s her gig



@thedixielynn Just a quick suggestion if you happen to see this - I see your gig is in the Fun and Lifestyle section.
I suggest you create one in the video marketing section (under Digital Marketing) too as frankly, you have such a great screen presence that I think plenty of people would hire you for ads etc.


Wow, Now I am thinking about ordering…


Should I order a video for you? OMG, the wheels are spinning! :smiley:
This is gonna be fun, fun, fun.


This lady is a star. Love the facial expressions, the makeup, the whole package.


The wig is very DIVAlicious. :two_hearts:


Hmm. A once a week thread showcasing a brand new seller/talent for all to see? (and support, buy…)


She looks great, right?
My mom saw her video and she said “OMG, is that Lady Gaga!? Oh no, it’s someone else…huh? That’s a guy? Wow, she is so beautiful, very elegant! Nice voice too”

…and she went on for a while about how great she looked.
@thedixielynn you should be proud,girl!


She looks fierce, honey!

Watch RuPaul’s Drag race that show will have you looking like :hushed:.
I mean the styling, the makeup & everything you couldn’t tell if they were male or female. Beautiful!


Somewhat random but why do people think that vanilla is basic and boring when in reality it’s so packed with flavor!? Vanilla ice cream isn’t just frozen cream but people sure think it is :expressionless::roll_eyes: