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New sellers can get orders too. ~A message from Miss Dixie~


Damn right it is!
Loooooove vanilla and them beans! When I see those tiny little beans inside the ice cream…makes me soooo happy.


Great video, as RuPaul would put it: “sashay you stay”


The best way to get orders immediately is to create a video that’s your most strong portfolio when creating a new gig. It always works for me and at least the video should be realistic and have original content that will attract the customers at least within 10 seconds running time just like mentioned in the video.I hope this helps :slight_smile:


Omg, I watched 3 times just to make myself smile. Dixie is beautiful and a natural comedian so the tips pack a punch!

(More, please!) I also love the showcase seller idea!


@memoto28 Glad you enjoyed it! :slightly_smiling_face:

@zeus777 fabulous darling - can’t say any more! :slightly_smiling_face:


I hope I can find some clips on youtube…

that’s what I’ll be checking tonight when I get home! :smiley:


'Cause they are clueless. :stuck_out_tongue:

Vanilla taste extraordinary.

Vanilla has so many nutritional benefits.

Good for Skin, Hair & Health.

Packed with antioxidants… and so much more

HAHAHAHAHA ok. :grin: I looked on Netflix but it’s not there. But you should definitely be able to watch some episodes on YT or buy a season or two on eBay. Be prepared to be bedazzled, honey!


It is the #1 selling ice cream flavor.


i m also new here :frowning:


I am new here…so I don’t know good about of fiverr… but I will try my best learn for with fiverr group post…every post are effective for me…


Did you watch the video?


Obviously not! :roll_eyes::rofl:


The first post on this very thread…scroll up and you’ll find it.


You have hijacked a thread without even reading it.
It’s “please”, not “plz”.


Seriously? The video in the very first message of this topic. :thinking:

It looks like someone doesn’t care about this topic… and just wants attention for his gigs (based upon his gig spam posted in many other topics as well).


I’m actually surprised because that BRIGHT @$$ GREEN screen is hard to miss…
you can’t ignore it even if you wanted to.


Means If you are professional and unique, then you can get orders intently or if you are same like others then may be it will take little bit time.


Yep. Some forum users, like @arehman93 just want to post spam. If he keeps it up, he’ll be banned before you know it. One less “mek sells” that doesn’t care about his freelance career. :wink:


@abdulnazir3 check this post


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