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New sellers common problem

I have joined fiverr this month itself and it has been like 15 days …when I send offers to the buyers they reject me only because I am a new seller…due to this I haven’t received any order yet ! please help me ! if this will continue how will I become an experienced seller? I need just one chance to prove myself…can anybody give me a chance ?

Hey Pari!

I know what this can feel like!

I was lucky enough to have a few people take a chance on me and then my gig exploded! It’s only fair that you get the same opportunity.

Here are some things I would recommend you adjust to become more attractive to buyers:

  1. Your profile description says you have an ‘interest’ in design. I think that when people read this it doesn’t scream quality like it should. Use action and emotional words like ‘passion’ or ‘dedication’.

  2. Your gig title says ‘I will type, write, and draw creative stuff’. When I look at this I automatically have questions.

  • What kind of stuff?
  • How is the solving a problem or satisfying a need?

Try appealing to a specific audience and using your title to demonstrate what value you will bring to them.

  1. A lot of you gig descriptions lack detail. It’s your opportunity to display how much you care and communicate to a potential buyer what you can do and how you can help them. Utilize the space the best way that you can.

If you fix all of this and REALLY put in the time and effort (not just do it quickly), I will personally purchase one of your gigs. :slight_smile:

  • Steven

Hello Steven,
I am really happy to know that your services are liked by many people ! congratulations for that !
I want to thank you for taking time and reviewing my profile and gigs . I really appreciate your comments and will make necessary changes. Honestly, I needed a proper guidance so that I know how to work over here , I will try to make my profile better and work with full dedication.
Once again thank you. :slight_smile: