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New sellers continue messaging me asking how to get sales, FROM THE FORUMS


As seen in these pictures, I answered their question on the forums, only to have them message me at 11pm my time begging for me to get more orders.
How unprofessional is this?

Oh, and I love being called “dear” on the forums, I don’t think I look that much like a woman…

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New sellers continue messaging me asking how to get sales, FROM THE FORUMS

It happens. I have this QR ready for them.

Hello, {user name,}

I would be happy to discuss that with you. :slightly_smiling_face:

Please hold on while I prepare a custom offer of $30 for 30 minutes of my time to discuss anything you wish.

I look forward to our discussion after you have accepted the custom offer.

Vickie Spencer

Then I block them, depending on my mood I report them.

If I am contacted on the Forum I choose the option to “leave the conversation.”


See, that would be great, but can’t risk them just cancelling, or leaving a bad review just to ruin my day, but it would be a great response!

Hmm, I never thought of that. :thinking:

But now one has ever booked with me. Maybe I should quote a higher price.

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Haha, 2000$/hr would be reasonable, only fair if you’re giving away trade secrets of how you make your stacks o’ cash.

Then I have this one too:

Anytime you contact a seller via their inbox to ask for work or how to get work it is Spam. :slightly_frowning_face:

Not only that it wastes the time of the seller. :confused:

I suggest you stop this practice to ensure you do not lose your account. :open_mouth:

You will be reported. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I personally just like telling them off, I can’t stand people who expect to make millions of dollars an hour just by asking “bro, please tell me how to get orders, I joined 3 minutes ago, I can’t believe that my gig where thousands of other people compete for orders isn’t getting sales, with terribly made thumbnails” “Oh I know, I’ll message this random seller and spam him”

Telling them off takes too much time:

I also act ignorant and confuse them by saying this just before I block them.

Hello, Username

If you’re interested in making a purchase, please provide the following information:

  1. Is the text in MS Word? (That is the only format in which I work.)
  2. What kind of writing do you have for me to proofread?
  3. How many words are in the text?
  4. Which type of English do you use? American, British, Australian, or Canadian?
  5. How soon do you need the work completed?
  6. Are you willing to buy a rush fee for quicker delivery?

I wish my buyers would contact me before hand, it would have saved me so much struggle, even when I ask them to contact me before hand, in the requirements, and the gig description.

in fairness bambi’s a man, and he’s a deer

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Just tell people that your own secret for sales success is to send a minimum of 6 unsolicited messages to past buyers each evening, asking if they would like to hire you off-Fiverr to complete an academic assignment.

That should thin the herd a little.


Just block them, end of story.

Blocking them is a good lesson to learn for beginners. Hopefully they question why. They will definitely get a warning from CS. I made that terrible mistake in the beginning but of course mine were well written and I only chose a few buyers. But to my defense, the idea of reaching out to buyers was presented in a Fiverr Blog. I researched why this info was in a Fiverr blog and some of the blog posts are written by people not necessarily users in Fiverr. You are still responsible for adherence to the terms of service.

That’s why I’ve disabled PMs on the forum, and why my forum profile is hidden.

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