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New sellers copying my gig

Hi everyone!

In these past few months I have noticed around 4 or 5 new sellers in the medical translations field that have copied parts or even the entire gig description and FAQ word by word. I always report them inmediatly to CS but sometimes I really wanted to contact them directly to let them know it’s not ok to do that and to have the decency to change it. Has anyone done this? how do you deal with this besides reporting them? I am not sure if it goes against some rules of the site (people are crazy and might even report me?). It really bothers me actually, I mean I put a lot of effort on my gig and orders to see someone else thinking that copying my stuff will bring them any orders or views.

:rage: I hate when people stealing someone else’s work. Some of them don’t even think that it’s wrong.

I never contacting them, it’s useless and we actually heard strikes here that some of them instead of changing description was reporting the original gig as copied. (Very rare but happened)

So I’m just hitting report button and their gigs are taken down in a few days. I don’t think this people will change their behaviour only if we will right them a message and tell them that it’s inappropriate. Only penalties will make them think twice before stealing.

The most ridiculous one that I read on this forum, that the guy wrote himself: “I looked at top rated sellers and I really liked one, I took it and I didn’t even have to change anything because he already covered everything I wanted to say” :woman_facepalming:


wow! are you serious? that’s so silly. I mean I get it, if they are on this site it’s because they want to work and they need money but cmon they should at least be honest, copying other’s work won’t take them far. I guess I will continue just reporting them, like you said they will know I noticed so they will think twice on doing it again, thank you for your reply! :slight_smile:


I did that a few years ago. The person said she has a right to copy my gig because she is new and I should be helping new sellers. She said she is keeping it and not changing it.

So there is no point in contacting them. I tell support now.


Ah yes, I remember you shared that story. That also made my mind :exploding_head:
some sellers also think that we need to share our orders and money with them because they are helping us not to be so busy.


I didn’t know if people are doing that, It took us 2 days to complete our first gig :grinning:

that’s just crazy, super entitled people! :exploding_head:

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My take on this: they can copy your gig, but can they deliver the goods? In the end, it is all about customer service and the quality of your delivery. The scammer might get a few orders off you, but over the long term, their success would depend on how good they are in delivering what ‘you’ promised. Can they, really?

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Hi, it’s terrible when someone just copies your gig profile. Fiverr should take note of the similar titles and gig descriptions and have sellers get unique ones. In the end, quality of what you deliver is the most important. Quite a number of buyers have shared complaints having worked with these nonprofessionals.

It’s not fair to the buyers who get them. Fortunately so far I haven’t seen any sales at all on their copied gigs.