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New sellers discriminated against


Fiver Congratulations on making new features that once again take effect only after level one seller status.

As a fiver buyer more then a fiver seller I cannot now nor until I reach level 1 status use those options.

Custom order requests should be for all , or you should have given buyers statistic raisers when they use fiver.

Much like EBAY when a purchase is made the rating (trust level moves up).

The rate everything 5 stars or else “ethos” here is also something that bothers me , but then that’s why its better to read the comments when you buy rather then look at any rating after all half of them are “must rate me five stars or I lose sales” guilt trips for those considering honest ratings.

To finish off my rant I will now make a “Request” which is to merely provide a Gig Review Forum.

How tiring is it to see “help me I’m new” in the my gig category -very tiring.


As a buyer here on fiver I have seen the problems with the rating system.

I have not been 100% happy far from it… however with the “guilt trip” in play its far from

The reality.

In my case fiver has actually been rather disappointing.

Sometimes its just not worth being “the bad guy” but on closer examination of the hundreds of my dollars spent here on fiver I have as of the moment of writing this very little to show for it

Okay I have some stuff and I am not giving up on fiver just yet.

Be that as it may fiver still thinks of me the new seller as someone that’s going to rip off people… seems a little harsh to me but that’s why the rant.

Of course the changing value of USD verses what I use AUD means I pay more , this isn’t so bad if the inverse is true ,however I do note that mostly its still roughly minimum wage here , so there is little chance of me being tempted to “oversell” services unless its something I truly love doing.

(Its definitely not photoshop despite the fact I’m able to show moderate skill within.)

When trying to upload pictures and media fivers gig servers often crash and or false report errors. I shudder to think how one might actually experience more of the uploading troubles as a seller.

It took three days of trial and error to get a gig with my photos up and running on fiver.

Error with uploader was the general problem , try old uploader was also problematic .

Frankly I would consider fiver to be worse then ebay.

Oh and all that praise you lavish on fiver support… clearly you have yet to meet Ron.


Reply to @madmoo:

I so far have bought concept arts , a computer script I cant use ,and a movie script /story(that isn’t finished).

I was going to try and do it in 3D or stop motion however I found the script that was outlined suits live action … so I guess it’ll be that.

Side note great idea on your gig there and its always good to see some more stop motion going on.


Tip though dropbox links do work for file delivery :wink:


It’s the marketplace that discriminates, not Fiverr. I offer 5 widgets for $5, another guy offers 1 widget for $5. I have 3 orders in my queue, he has 26. Why is that? Is it because he has 2,000 reviews and I only have 278?

Is it because some people only need one widget and don’t want to see variations? Are they impressed with his self-confidence? I don’t know. Ironically, we’re both on the first row.

So as you can see, Fiverr isn’t discriminating, next to me there’s a guy that offers only 52 widgets for $5, and he only has 20 reviews. Below us there’s a guy who offers 1 widget and he has 2 reviews. See? Everyone gets a chance to compete, but not everyone gets 1st prize.

P.S. Widgets in this case means headlines. I’m just using the word widget so you can replace it with logos, art, and whatever it is that you do on Fiverr.


Erm… Awesome ! thanks Madmoo. :slight_smile:

P.S. fastcopyrighter… your effort placed into the reply made thankyou.