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New sellers do not receive any orders. this will badly affect the growth of fiverr site


the new sellers do not receive any orders so they will give up fiverr, ultimately people will think fiverr site does not support any new sellers so they would not join fiverr or leave soon. This problem should immediately address by the gig management team or any authorities of the fiverr.

thank you.


As the newbie in Fiverr, reading all the feedback from the successfull sellers I come here with great motivation. I know I have what it takes to make it, most importantly because I do gigs, which I enjoy doing. Positioning in the web is important, I don’t believe I know every trick in the trade - blogs, tweets, etc. With time maybe I’ll get better at this too. Wishing all the luck to all newbies like me :wink: Let’s reshape the creativeness :slight_smile:


@trafficlee as a fiverr seller for 2 years now. i can say fiverr does not give an upper hand to anyone. you can be on top of the search results and one day get pushed down by the system and your done. The way to make money here is by earning good feedbacks and building yourself. Took me a while to earn a stable income here, the sellers that come and quit is because they didn’t have it what it takes. But i wish the best for any newbie here, work smart and never give up.


I think that there are more sellers than buyers as it generally in the market today. It is recomended to make original unique gigs. Also to offer much more when you are new here so that there is a chance that buyers will choose you instead of sellers with levels just to save money.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Hey @trafficlee

its not like that fiverr always support new seller as i have only completed 1 month here and have good start.

just sell quality services. you will get work here.


Im a level 2 seller now … But level one is like a stepping stone . put up good gigs , always stay within the fiverr guide lines and promote your self on different media’s . also look at other peoples gigs and see what there up to . . level 2 isn’t mad busy either , but at the end of the day look at it as a sideline 1st , keep working on it and just like all of us . it could become a full time job …



I’m a new seller on this platform. I’ve sold goods on three other sites and have managed to build two pretty successful separate online business on eCommerce sites. It did not happen overnight! My eb business is 15 years old. I find you get out of it what you put into it. Read, read, read and then act.


Reply to @colleenmarie:

I totally agree. While you’re not earning, you better be learning!


@mallika255 and anyone else.

Fiverr is not going to do your job for you. Why would they?

If you rented a store and started a business would you expect the owner of the store to buy your stuff? No. You pay rent.

Same thing with Fiverr. They are not going to sell your gig. You need to sell it yourself!

You need to take control and sell! Nobody else is going to sell your gigs for you.

Fiverr is a platform. They rent “Space” on their site for your gig.

They are not required to promote it. That’s why it’s “You Gig” and not “Fiverr’s gig”.

For all you guys.

Don’t expect other people to do your work.

If you want to sell your gig… then get out there and sell it!


I’ve just started on fiverr (though I have had an account for a while) with my first project. I posted it yesterday and have a buyer today. The way I accomplished this is by offering an extremely good deal to sellers. As an expert writer, I am used to making much more than I am offering here, but I realize in order to build a good base of satisfied customer I need to take a loss (so to speak). You need to be willing to go above and beyond in order to get your foot in the door. At least that’s my way of thinking. Also, you need to not only offer excellent service, but to deliver excellent service so that you will get those 5 star reviews/feedback. You can always change your offerings after you have established yourself. I have used this method on other sites and it seems to work well, so I imagine it will work just as well on fiverr… but only time will tell :slight_smile: