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New sellers, don't be like me

Yep, you read the topic right!
Being a new seller anxiously waiting for that first order here on Fiverr, I have read a lot of tips in order to get it. And it seemed I will get to test my luck with this.

So some weeks ago, I saw a request on the buyers request page. As you might guess, I applied for the job. I received a message from the buyer and I was really excited as everything seemed to be cool when chatting with him. So I thought.

Then the buyer dropped the usual cliche I have read about, but in another way. He wrote, “my budget is $50 for the brand naming and $50 for its logo design. But I will only order and pay you after I showed your suggestions to my partners, and If you can, I’d love you to work on the logo as well”. In the chat, I already told him I would only work on the brand naming.

My thoughts: well, people said they got their first order through this means. I only need to give my best on the job.

“I will work on it and get back to you as soon as possible”, I replied.

After some days, I did and asked him if I should send the work. He responded affirmatively and I sent the work. He checked the work and seemed to like it. But he said he needed to show it to his partners and will get back to me.

That was the last time! That was the last time I saw his message. That was the last time he logged in to Fiverr.

In a market place like this, as much as the moderators try to stop the act, I guess there would still be some form of scam. The problem is, new sellers are mostly their targets. So be wise in your dealings. Don’t be like me.


You read it right, people to get orders through buyer requests. And the key word is ORDERS. You didn’t get an order you were just chatting other a person in your inbox. And that person doesn’t considered as a buyer unless he places an order with you.

I would suggest for you to read fiverr help page and fiverr TOS to avoid situations like this. Fiverr explained it there very clearly that you should start working only after the order was placed and paid for.

We see stories like this al the time here on the forum but I guess people learn only on their mistakes.


The buyer orders and pays, then you deliver. That is how Fiverr works.

As @mariashtelle2 advised you need to read the Terms of Service which you will find at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.

Everything is explained there in detail.


I took a look at your three gigs, @kargent … all three are nearly identical, and you copied significant parts of all three gig descriptions from an article about brand development on entrepreneur dot com. You’re not going to get many sales if you copy your gig text, and create near-duplicates of your gigs.

Your topic title is correct… “don’t be like you”. You are breaking Fiverr’s no duplicate gigs rule, and you are committing fraud and copyright infringement by copying significant parts of your gig description from someone else’s article on a popular website.


you should always start a basic 5$ order to offer a sample of work then you can send a custom offer if the buyer likes your work.

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Thank you. I am just experimenting with everything I read as tips, and I hope to be better as time goes on.

And if you read a tip to beat up an old lady and steal her purse in order to get some money, are you going to do it?

Plagiarism is unethical. Don’t follow tips that suggest that you should break the rules or do something unethical. If you follow that kind of tips, you risk getting banned, or being seen as dishonest or incompetent, or all of it.

Your English is good, and your writing is a lot better than writing of those who claim to be “expart writters” (or whatever). Use it to your advantage, don’t plagiarize.


Aside from US & UK guys, I think people from my country are often very good in English as you acknowledged in the case of this seller. Perhaps, excluding me

Thank you for your advice, I will work on it.

thanks bro,that is really useful to me as i would have made the mistake out of desperation to get my first order