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New Sellers, Don't Contact Other Sellers and Ask Them To Hire You

Contacting other sellers directly is already an awkward situation. But to then ask for personal help to sell their gig, followed by “if you need Photoshop work, please hire me” makes you sound desperate. I know it’s difficult as a freelancer. It’s difficult on all levels, but come on. That’s what the forum is for, in which I told this seller as my response to his/her inquiry.

Ah, but how was their portfolio?

I got this one too.

Even though I’m only Level 1 I got one too but I didn’t flame broil them. Gave them words of encouragement instead. Eventually evolved into a conversation about religion.

I received several “I saw your name on the forum, please help me” messages in the past 3 days or so. I asked them what kind of a help are they hoping to get, and if they have read my comments they should know that all they need to do is read everything on the forum. I also added that I don’t spoon-feed information to sellers, and finished the message telling them not to call me “dear.”

Maybe they mistook you for another Zeus. Looking at this list, anyone would be confused.

WOW that’s a long list!!!

Yeah that awkward moment when you feel bad for him but you can’t find something to reply with, you ask yourself should i report him ? but i feel bad for him !!
you end up forgeting to reply and lose your response rate, D’oh !