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If Buyer doesn’t buy GIG from a new seller, How to work our future generation in Fiverr?


Lets just think
don’t think fiverr as freelancer where someone hire you
Think it as a business and promote it


I think need an option for totally new Seller ’ 0 'feedback.

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also some people on buyer request want more work for 5$

What y’all so called new sellers don’t realize is that every seller in fiverr was once a new seller. I am a new seller, some may consider me an old seller due to the time I have spent here but I consider myself new because I am still growing and trying to expand. People often create gigs and then leave fiverr to do the magic but that is not the case. Join forums that revolve around what you do and try to advertise what you do.


Yes,Hope you feedback help me ,Regard

That’s really hard. :thinking: Today a buyer wants to know, why you don’t have many reviews ??? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Use Buyer request & create a portfolio that you can share with buyers & if your work is capable & good quality, i am sure 10 out of 3 buyer will try your service :slight_smile:

How to create a portfolio in fiverr ?

10 out of 3 is an amazing conversion rate. Magical, even.


Realy Magical ? 10/3 …

Yes. A conversion rate of 333.333% is IMPOSSIBLE. The most you can have is 100%, obviously.

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I prefer sellers with 0 reviews over sellers with 10 or less reviews.

If you are a seller with few reviews, I have to waste my time verifying that the “reviews” are legit. I have to check to make sure you didn’t trade reviews or have a 2nd account to buy your own gig.

If you have 0 reviews and great portfolio, I feel confident you will do a good job.


Just provide good work…see my profile I joined fiverr on march 2017 now I have about 600 reviews

New or even top rated Seller can not create profile on fiverr expect pro & few others, you can create a good Portfolio on your own website or the best is use to use Behance that is Adobe official website & good for showcase, you can see my portfolio as sample & browse many others there,

Leave a like if this help

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this is just a ratio, but for that you must need to have some really good skill & quality work that makes clients say wow & then your profile work will make them give you a chance & then you will need to prove your self :slight_smile:

Man, think about it. How can TEN buyers out of THREE buyers order from you? 10>3. If 3 buyers order, how can you get 10 orders? You seem very confused.

i say if you send buyer request send your portfolio to them 10 out of 1 will see that, slowly slowly it will boost with your reviews

yes also me also i have over 1200+ buying here i check gig quality, because 10 fake or 10 out 3 negative reviews is bad then trying a new seller which show quality on this gigs