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New sellers Future


I like your post. I am new. same problem. Please any one can suggest me! How can I receive job?


Thanks for your time and Great Help .Regard


I love your guideline ,Thanks a lot


How Can I promote it,Please advice me .


I was, not too long ago, a new seller too.

I’d like to believe the 3 image samples in my portolio where enough to draw attention towards my gig. Make it awesome, use only your finest to display your skills.


Thanks for the tips guys, I am new too. I am going to throw in some of my own advice. Being that I have been on YouTube and Twitch since 2014. Although it is not very long and I have gotten only to 108 subs on YouTube and to about 53 Followers on Twitch. All I can say is Networking is key, time management is key, and persistence is key (but only in the right way, don’t spam. Be meaningful in what you do!).


My Pleasure :slight_smile: be active in some social media group don’t spam just post your skills