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New sellers Get Order now!

Recently We seen too many new sellers in the fiverr and also wants help for an order.
here are some tips to follow you might get the first order

  1. Never give up and work until u live.
  2. Improve your gigs and share on social media
  3. Add more images and videos in your gig gallery
  4. send buyer requests to buyers
  5. Always don’t use any tool for impressions clicks or saves!

I do not share my gigs on social media, yet I get orders and feel successful here.

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I am new seller on fiverr. Thanks for you advice. It will help me.

I was organised my gig fully and continuously sent buyer request. But i can’t get message from buyer.
How can i get message from buyer

It took me 45 days to get my first order. During that time I worked on tweaking my gigs to make them better and more attractive to buyers. :slightly_smiling_face:

I cruised other proofreader’s gigs to see how their packages were structured. I also gradually invested in gig images that were professionally made. :moneybag:

The orders I did get were mostly through Buyer’s Requests. When you are a level 0 seller BR are few and far between. Plus Fiverr only allows 10 sellers per level to bid on a request before it disappears for all sellers of that level. When you are level 0 that is very quickly. :hushed:

As a new seller, you have one Wordpress gig. There are 34,346 other Wordpress gigs on Fiverr. :astonished: With odds like that, a seller needs to stand out somehow. :wink:The only way I know of is to have unique, eye-catching gig images and well-written descriptions that will appeal to your prospective clients.

In the article writing category, there are 11, 654 other gigs, so your competition here is somewhat less. :roll_eyes:

My advice to new sellers is to ask yourself, “Are my gig images unique? Do they stand out from the rest? Are they going to be eye-catching to buyers?” :thinking: If not they may want to work on that. Moreover, do not forget a well-written gig description. If need be a proofreader should correct the description, :woman_teacher::man_teacher: or a writer :fountain_pen: could be hired to write the new sellers gig descriptions.

So, no, do not just wait and wait. Improve your profile description, improve your gig images, improve your gig information and apply to Buyer Request only when you have the skills to do the job. Also, when you bid on a Buyer Request be sure to tell the Buyer what you will do for them, address their needs.

Good Luck. :four_leaf_clover:


Thank For your advice.