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New Sellers hard time selling on Fiverr

The new sellers are finding a hard time selling on Fiverr. It is good if the buyers could give them a chance to showcase their abilities. Lots of talents are being wasted because buyers are not willing to buy from writers without a record. The question is, where will the reviews come from if not from you? Try usMy gig


I agree in sentiment, although I am factually a firm believer that quality sells.

Quality wins the day eventually

You’ve already achieved a couple of sales in the space of a week. That’s not bad when you consider there are many sellers who don’t make any sales in six months! Your sales are only like to snowball.

Although I would urge caution with the use of phrases like “I am the best” - you might be very good, but the best?

Also, the phrase ‘adequate qualification’ is a bit odd! It doesn’t install much confidence that you are the best person! Only adequate?

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Thank you english_voice for your corrections, I appreciate.