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NEW SELLERS heres your time to shine


Hey fiverr community,

Ok so today I’m looking for some newbies. Anyone with gigs less than a month old that need some exposure contact me. I’m looking for:

2 art gigs

1 technology gig

2 one of a kind gigs

1 musical gig

3 random gigs

If you have an interesting gig post it and let me see it. You must be a new seller. If I like the gig and can use it for my blog or website I will order it. If not I will still promote you on my blog and Facebook page. I will contact you if I like your gig.


Reply to @cust0mcr3ationz: Thanks. I always try to give when I receive. It just makes the world a better place. :o)


Reply to @paintingtemplat: I love that Jaguar…he is so cool. now that is awesome.


Thanks for the opportunity! Here’s my first gig, just put it up yesterday and need all the help I can get!


This is an amazing service ! I would be more than happy if you can purchase my gig which might help me get more exposure. Here is my technology gig:

Thanks :slight_smile:


dwcoffey it’s very nice. It’s unique and original. No other gigs created yet? I don’t need an anniversary gig, but I wouldn’t mind showing it on my page. I might even show it in my blog.


Techworks do you do your troubleshooting remotely? I would think that troubleshooting or fixing someones computer halfway around the globe is quite difficult. I’m pretty skilled with computers myself and have tried to do virtual assistant gigs. Would never do a troubleshooting gig. Your gig is very nice. I can definitely help get you orders with promotion on my blog and facebook page.


Thank you. This is so nice of you :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if your interested in chibi/cartoons but here is my gig:

Thanks for the time :slight_smile:


yes i love Chibi’s :slight_smile: Very talented Jancolors! I will get back to you :slight_smile:


Reply to @cust0mcr3ationz: Thank so much :slight_smile: Would love to draw for you :slight_smile:


Thanks so much and I hope more good news come on your way :slight_smile:


you have some nice gigs Xylsis


@cust0mcr3ationz : Thanks a lot for the positive feedback. Yes, I do the help over the Internet and yeah, the hardest part is getting online at the right time when the customer is online. And any help would be greatly appreciated! I’ll wait for you. Thanks in advance.


Here is a good one of a kind gig for you my friend.

we set this up so I can raise the funds to visit john for his wedding on october, John (who is pictured and voiced in the gig video) we have been good online friends for a long time now, and he would like me to be at his wedding, so we made this to raise money.



plz.,help out


Hey there, I’m really new - just set up an art gig right here: - hope you’re interested and thanks for the opportunity. :slight_smile: (all funds go towards making my wife happy with a honeymoon we couldn’t afford to get in 2008 - THANK YOU!) :smiley:


Please Have A Great Look at My Gig

If u Like it I can Afford to give it For you As soon as Possible Buddy…Well

Thanks For The Great Opportunity That you are giving to the Newbies…

I have Not Even got a Single Order For This Excellent gig… I was Even Selected By @oldbittygrandma As gig pick of the Week But Still My Gig hasn’t been Recognized By Anyone…


Hi thanks for the opportunity. I started fiverr 9 days ago.

I have a gig for turning your Logo, banner or anything into easter, St Patricks Day or any holiday season theme. (I thought you might be able to use this for your blog or website logo or something). Here is the link



Hi cust0mcr3ationz. Here’s my gig - you could call it one of a kind or random :slight_smile: It’s ust under a month old and could use a push. Thanks!


I’m pretty new here and have a random gig: