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New sellers, how can I help you to succeed?

I :heart: reading success stories from sellers.

Some sellers are lucky enough to get orders in less than a week, while others take a few months. When a newbie reads about seller success, I have a feeling they ask themselves what’s wrong with them.

I suppose, it’s timing or luck, perhaps a combination. It could be right gig at right time or catching the eye of the right buyer.

Tossing negativity aside. What can buyers do to help you succeed? The obvious are you need good reviews, etc.

I want to know what is your idea of a dream client. What can the buyer’s do that will cause you to post an emoji :heart_eyes: ?


Well, here’s what I’m always having trouble with in regards to the buyer’s side:

  • I wish buyers would actually read the gig description to avoid unnecessary confusion and misunderstandings (I’ve conducted tests by asking buyers questions, and the results were less than ideal in my case: about 80% never read my gig description)

  • I wish they knew how to open the most basic of files such as pdf, zip or doc; I mean, it’s 2017 :smirk:

  • I wish they would talk things through with their seller instead of immediately throwing a negative feedback without any intent of resolving the situation that displeased them

  • I wish they could actually read the gig instruction questions/fields and not write their life stories or put incomplete or useless information instead

  • I wish they would stop doing chargebacks, especially after rating the order with 5***** and tipping :unamused:

  • I wish they would read the gig title & actually look at the gig they purchase, and not ask things totally unrelated to what is offered (really now, do they blindly purchase stuff in real life without looking?!)

  • I wish they would stop misusing/abusing the “request modification” feature over and over for things like asking general questions or saying thanks :unamused:

  • I wish they would stop posting outrageous requests on the BR page, like getting the world for $5, just to take advantage of the fact that there are so many sellers giving everything for $5…

  • I wish they’d remember they had placed an order instead of purchasing and leaving it in limbo for 4 years

  • I wish they could talk more and respond back more; in my country, communication is key to a successful business/operation/transaction, yet on Fiverr I barely get a word out of buyers, and some think that there should be no communication - really?! Why, so that you can then abuse the request modification instead of making things straight at the start? :no_mouth:

  • I wish they could respect sellers more and avoid threats and abusive language, which I often have to deal with, especially with those sellers having track records of success and happy customers - I know, without a buyer you have no sales, but why think in one direction? Without a service/seller you have nothing to buy, duh…

But I can only wish :)

NOTE: I know, I’m not a New seller anymore, but I’d wished for these things ever since my first year of sales, so I guess they still apply to both new and older sellers :slight_smile: Plus, it’s obvious what most new sellers want: money, all-positive feedback, 1st position and fame from day one :smiley:


Nice. Thank you. :heart:

This is a great catch all to bits and pieces others have posted in other sections.



Wow. I couldn’t have said it better! & completely agree!


Some buyers do this? Jeeez, so not cool (edit: and heartless).


Just a simple “you are the best” will be enough.

I don’t get any order. Really I am unlucky
Some buyer knocked me but I couldn’t reply them in time. I reply them when they went to offline

i new seller about 1 month. But not sell at yet.
So i need help selling my gig.
Thank gina_riley2.

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Already done 25 orders .


@ some people: This thread is in Tips for Buyers, I´m pretty sure OP is asking for general replies like, for instance, the first one by Woofy, or the one by Deborah. My Fiverr Gigs is where you can ask people to order your gig.


Gina is my first BUYER, It’s my success store



I’m glad I was able to help you on your 5r journey!

:heart:, Gina

Edit: I love your new profile picture. I almost didn’t recognize you. :grinning:


Feeling really glad that @ahmedjunaid1 and his buyer @gina_riley2 are chatting here! This is the warm relationship between a seller and a buyer that is expected by most seller.

Best of luck both of you:)


Finally, something highly positive that starts restoring my faith in humanity! :slight_smile: (until the next billionaire comes my way :smirk: for those who know that story)


@gina_riley2 I don’t have enough words to describe my first selling experience in Fiverr. You’re the one who brought a smile to my face after months of depression. You’re my first buyer :heart:

I made a whole post on you, and even that seemed insufficient. No wonder everyone here love you so much.

And personally, I feel you asking this question is injustice towards yourself. I don’t think a buyer can get better than what you already are. You already have done everything a seller can want, and more! YOU ARE THE DREAM CLIENT. :smiley: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


My dream client ;

• Always contact me before placing any order.
• Always orders everyday.
• Fast respond ( not wasting my times ).
• Respect the sellers even if they have more than 100 billion in their pocket.

Thank you for asking @gina_riley2


In my case that wouldn’t be a dream, it would be a nightmare! :scream: I’d spend more time in my Inbox writing and talking to people instead of working and earning money for my time spent writing :smiley:

True! I had a buyer once who didn’t like my new prices, and reproached me that I probably party every night and irresponsibly spend the money I earn on Fiverr - for real?! :unamused: I’ve never gone to a club or disco before in my life, the only party I had was for my 18th birthday, and the money I earn here I use to provide my family a good/decent life, not even a rich life as I’d wish.


@gina_riley2 please help gurugibson. He is really struggling

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I Completed the Order and Delivered to My Client on Time But My Client is Absent from 3 Days. What I do Now…? And will i be get a review on my gig…?

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