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NEW SELLERS: How you people got first orders!?

Hey. I created my fiverr accounts few weeks ago. Made four gigs. Still ain’t getting orders. How did you guys got yours!? Feeling a bit disappointed tbvh.
And how does the buyer request system works? I’m just getting no orders to apply there too. :confused:


It took me over two months before I got a single order - I even forgot about having a fiverr account until my app pinged me a message. After then they started snow-balling. Don’t get too hung up on not getting orders straight away.


oh!! it’s too long.i m also getting buyer request & sending offer but didn’t get any order.i hope i have to wait .


Wow. Hope against hope I get fortunate enough soon too. :smile:

My buyer requests section always show “No orders”.
I hope we both get our first order soon!
Best wishes x


which service you both offers

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Fortune favors the bold. What ACTIONS have you taken to reach out to your target customers, show them what you can do for them, and convince them to hire you? Here on Fiverr, you are competing against thousands of other sellers who offer the same services that you do. Look at things from your target customer’s perspective… why would they hire you, and not one of those other sellers’ services? What makes you unique, and what makes you better than your competition?

If you want to earn orders and customers here on Fiverr, you are going to need to spend some time answering those questions. Fiverr is not a get-rich-quick website, nor are you likely to get orders just because you want them. Your gigs are a business. You are going to need to manage them as such.


I’m a content writer. I offer services in “Editing and Proofreading”, “Research and Summaries” and “Articles and Blogs” subcategory.

I’ve promoted them on social media platform plus tried my best to make appealing gigs. You are right actions matter the most. Just trying to learn from the senior/pro sellers here on fiverr. Thank you for the bold motivating comment!

Best of luck :partying_face: Keep working hard with your best professional assistance that you can provide. Happy freelancing ~!~ @writer_incorp

I’m new too, I don’t know how to get my first job