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NEW SELLERS: I will buy 6 new Fiverr gigs


Nope, there’s no catch here. I recently had a lot of good things happen to me in the month of February (reunited with my husband, got a house, front page on Fiverr, etc.) and wanted to give back to this wonderful community.

I know it stinks being new and struggling so I want to give you a hand.

I’m going to choose 6 gigs to purchase, from 6 different sellers. I will also post the links on my blog.

1 art.

1 writing.

1 web.

3 anything else.

Just post your link and mini-description of your gig! Note that spelling/grammar and effort will all be considered when I check your gig out. I will choose 6, 48 hours from when this thread is posted.

But otherwise, everyone check out each other’s gigs! :slight_smile: You never know what you might like!


Hi there Mrs.Panda,

I am not a new seller but I just wanted to tell you that what you are

doing here is a great thing. :slight_smile:

Being a pretty strong believer of karma, I am pretty sure even nicer things

will happen to you very soon.

(BTW sorry for not being able to place the order about my friend, I emailed him and

he hasn’t replied yet…)

Please say hi to your lovely husband :slight_smile:


Hello! congratulations on everything positive happening in your life! It’s awesome to hear, :slight_smile: anyways this is my gig, I’ll write you a awesome song about whatever you want! Check it out and message me to discuss. Thanks!!


Good to hear that everything is going well :slight_smile:

this is my gig, i’m a retouching artist and will recreate some lavishing shots of you or your loved one’s, check it out :


Hey, I am very happy for you. You can check me out on


@mrspanda, I guess im disqualified? Well, 1 month is old enough? lol



Thank you for the initiative

here is my gig link

The gig is about tweeting any link/website/message to my followers.

My twitter profile is followed by a lot of celebrities and verified accounts.


Hello :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for doing this and congrats in all the great things happening to you :slight_smile:

I’m kinda new here in fiverr and I’d appreciate if you can take a look at my gig:

This gig is about drawing chibi/cartoon version of people or any character. I can also do semi-real portraits in case you’re interested in that. I also accept unlimited revisions.

Thanks for your time :slight_smile:


Hi Mom… I know you are a wonderful mom…

Which i have come to know from one of my discussion…

I can draw a portrait art of your entire family…

Please check out my portrait art gig… If it’s good…you can buy it…

If not…thanks for reading my comment…



I create beautiful and Seo squidoo lens on any topic you choose, I could even create a lens about the great things that have happened to you in Feb.

Its your choice but the best bit, all of my gigs are 2-4-1 so you treat your self and receive twice as much pleasure, "winner , winner chicken dinner"

check it out and thank you


Wow, those are some awesome victories you have had. Im soo happy for you and your family!!

Thank you very much for offering. Please consider my writing gigs. Im a creative mom of 5 with ALOT of imagination! My passion is writing and film making. My fiverr funds are going towards the making of my indie film.

:-). Thanks soo much and I hope to hear from you soon.

BellaSpinelli on Fiverr


Reply to @designhero: yes you’re disqualified :stuck_out_tongue:


You’re so cool MrsP :slight_smile: Thanks, btw, for the great tarot reading.


I’m really happy good things have happened for you. I believe positive attitudes can really work wonders and have no doubt that you will get even more back for doing this somehow…Karma :slight_smile:

I offer some good professional web related gigs. I can make facebook pages, graphics and even do professional website reviews! If any of that sounds like something you could use, then just take a nose at my profile :slight_smile:

Thank you


Glad to hear your life is going great!

And what a great idea to “pay it forward”. Hope things continue to go well for you :slight_smile:


hello sire im really need it


check my gig plz :slight_smile: help me with my gig


Reply to @kiffinyjean: ah you’re welcome :slight_smile: I love doing readings :slight_smile:


Hi, I just earned my first fifty bucks today ! :slight_smile:

I write and you can check my gig here:

I also maintain a blog:




Hello Mrs.Panda,

You’re extremely kind for doing something like this for the newbies like me on Fiverr.

I am currently traveling around the world with my girlfriend and have had to shut down my “from home business” as I am going to be traveling for 3+ years and can not run it away from home.

So I am literally selling my business idea and everything you need to know to start up my business from home for $5. It isn’t some impossible thing to do, it is quiet simple and easy to do. My 12 year old sister use to help me for pocket money, that is how easy it is!

I was making over $7,000 per week and with the money I saved I have decided to go on this world journey with my girlfriend.

I am currently on Fiverr though to cover some of the costs on our trip to hopefully extend it and also so we can afford to do more things.

I would love for you to purchase my gig, I gave it away for free to 3 people via this forum and they left their reviews in the forum here;

They absolutely loved it and I guarantee you will love it too, I guarantee you will make some awesome dollars! :wink:

Here is the actual gig link;

Thank you very much and I hope you purchase my gig as it would help yourself and myself out, mainly yourself though!

~Mind Candii :slight_smile: