NEW SELLERS Im Jumping in too!


My Gig was just featured today and in honor of that Im following suit of 2 other Fiverrs that posted earlier. I will buy 6 GIGS from NEW SELLERS ONLY in the areas of

  1. Art
  2. Writing
  3. Web
  4. Fun
  5. SEO
  6. anything else interesting

    I will also feature you on my blog!

    Good Luck!


Please Buy My Gig…fiverrer…

I will be so happy to work for you…

My gig is about portrait art…

I have not got a good recognition for my gig… Please be My First buyer…

Thanks in Advance…


Hey there, I’m a new seller waiting for my first sale. Would be awesome to paint whatever you desire: - hope you’re interested. :slight_smile: Thanks for the opportunity!


Congrats on the feature. And thanks so much for doing this too.

If you’re interested in chibi/cartoon illustrations, please check out my gig:

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


Congrats on being featured, it does help you kick things into gear!


Hey thanks! If you’re interested, I’d love some of that action! And congrats on getting featured.

Here’s my gig that would definitely be in the “anything else” column. :slight_smile: