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New Sellers Need To Be Patient

Hey new sellers, I just wanted to motivate you guys about not giving up. Many new sellers keep sending me messages about why aren’t they getting the orders on Fiverr? Most of them were not even one week old on Fiverr.
Let me tell you when I came on Fiverr back in 2016, I got my first order after 3 or maybe 4 months and now I am level two seller (and aiming to become top seller). I have almost 200 reviews and the key to this success was patience.
Tip To get Orders
So, the key point that new sellers need to work on is to focus on better SEO of your gig and keep sending buyer requests (if you really want to survive in this community then low confidence and less patience are not the options).
Make a perfect gig (or you can message me in the inbox if want to know more about this point).



Great suggestion. Thanks a lot.


Good post. There does seem to be this common misconception that Fiverr is a job rather than a marketplace. That you just have to show up and you’ll be given money and orders.


This is understandable, Thanks A lot :heart_eyes:

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It would help if the security question to get started worked! If I survive this step I can wait 2 to 3 months.

I did the same thing (Trying and Confident) until finally I got my first order for 2 months to join Fiverr. And now I have become a level 2 seller :slight_smile:

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Facing same situation…thanks great work

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ahmm, security question?

Its true…newcomers,:star2:

Some new sellers get discouraged so easily when their expectation of getting that first order is not achieved in few days. Believe you can make it happen, share your gigs on social media and you never can tell the success that awaits you.

Yeah patience is the key to success on fiverr