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New sellers no chance at all here?

why is it feeling like there is no chance to get some work done here ! for new sellers at least
iv been online and active for month now , a lot of views still no orders feels like everyone just go out for the high rated sellers
anyone out there have the same issue ?
i am starting to giving up here

Hey, I am a new seller as well. I joined in September and I got my first order on 11th October i think and finally today I completed my 5th order :slight_smile: So never ever lose hope and always be patient :slight_smile:


well my field is different probably thats why , or just to hard to climb in , so i am really considering just looking for something else do you have any recommendation ?

Everyone started out as a new seller.

Your profile description isn’t professional (“Hello there” doesn’t tell anything about you, what you offer, or why should someone choose you), a picture of a computer doesn’t really represent you, either (it’s best to use either a photo of yourself, or your logo), your translation gig description is too short and doesn’t convince me to choose you over everyone else offering a similar service, and your other gig description is short and, to me, confusing.

In short, you might do better with a good profile photo, a professional profile description, and better gig descriptions.


I had a look at your gis - you’re offering two very different services, one of which I don’t understand, and the other I wouldn’t need.

Is there anything else you could offer which might appeal to a wider audience? You can have up to 7 gigs, so make use of them. Good luck! :sunny:


now this is useful Thank you sir

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But it really annoying when you don’t have order and being beside pc since morning to evening people of fiverr

Your profile has 2 gigs only, try adding more. Simply do what you are best at and I am sure you can do more than these 2 gigs :slight_smile: Best of luck :slight_smile:


Offlinehelpers is a very lovely lady, not a sir. :slight_smile:


You are kidding right??:roll_eyes:

No - I’m definitely female! :slightly_smiling_face: