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New Sellers .... No Integrity .... No Success!

Everyone who creates a gig on Fiverr wants to succeed. However, no matter what some guru has said you can not just “throw together” any old gig and expect to make a fortune on Fiverr.

Buyers are not stupid and they can see if your photo is false, your gig description has been copied and your writing gig has a description full of grammatical errors.

So be true to yourself. Only offer a gig for something for which you can truly provide a professional service. Be yourself and buyers will see that and trust you.

Do that and buyers will pass the contrived gigs by and decide to give you a chance as a new seller!

Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


This needs to be said to every new seller who comes to the Forum asking for advise from experienced members.


That is great to hear . I have a lot to learn on Fiverr being a new seller


Thanks for your tips


I agree 100000% with what you said here,

but from my past experience, then some people would ask “OK then, so, what do I? How do I do it? Can you teach me?”
As in “can you spoon feed me every single information step-by-step.”

Then others will ask “Please fix my gig description for me”
They can order an editing gig, but it seems a lot of people are not willing to take that extra step. Another thing is, ( and I know this is going to sound bad) it seems like some people are simply not aware of how poor their language skills are.

In other cases they don’t know that having proper grammar in their description is VERY important. I remember seeing a new seller several years ago, and he was offering logo designs and his English was…well, pretty bad. He kept saying he was not getting orders, and people told him that 1. his designs were not that good, 2. He really needs to work on his English.
He basically snapped back saying that because he is offering a design gig and NOT a writing gig, his English skills should not matter.
We gave up after that because he simply did not get it.

I’ve seen sooooo many “how to be successful” posts here, and I think ALL of them had “be sure to have correct grammar in your description” and I see so many “Oh wow thank you for that great tip” reply. I’m sorry if this sounds mean, but if you think something as basic as having correct grammar is a great tip, those people are not ready yet.

Sadly we will continue to see people who are not.

Sadly some people are not aware that they simply do not have the proper skills.
Maybe they truly believe they’ve got it, but they don’t.

People can read this post ( and many other similar ones), but I really hope at least one or two of them will not just read it, but fully understand it, and take action.
BTW, take action does not include:
*sit in front of your PC and wait

…Wow, I sound so bitter here. :open_mouth: Pardon me!
Oh, I forgot to put sugar in my coffee, that’s why…AND IT’S MONDAY!!

I’ll be back again later, next time I’ll be sounding more cheerful hopefully. :blush:


well said.its very help full

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I have mixed feelings about helping sellers “fix” their gig for them, especially when they claim to be proofreaders or writers. Not because I think they should order a gig for it, but because I feel if we make their gigs perfect for spelling, grammar, syntax, punctuation, and sentence fluency it seems that it is helping them deceive their buyers.

It seems that more and more new sellers are not merely introducing themselves anymore. :slightly_frowning_face: I remember when that is what new people did when they first got to the Forum. Then once they were known or had hung around the Forum for a bit then they would ask for help.

Now it seems the newbies say, “Hello, please help me be successful.” Or “I am new here give me expert advice please experienced sellers.” It is like saying, please make the begging somehow okay. I am getting so I ignore these types of posts more and more. :confused: However, I was delighted that at least one new Fiverr seller posted an introduction today and did not ask for anything. All they wanted to do was greet the other Forum members. :grinning: That was refreshing to see. :eyes:

It is always good to :eye: :eye: you here Miss Zeus! :heart_eyes: :kissing_heart:


Aweee, thank you! :smiley:
BTW right now I’m having coffee with a nice Russian tea cake so I am not
in a bitter mood right now.
Love love, Russian tea cake.

I have NO idea why they are called tea cakes, they look like cookies to me.
Are they really from Russia??

The only thing I will complain about this lovely snack is that it leaves a mountain of
crumbs behind, and my fingers get covered with power sugar…

OK, back to work! :smiley:


I agree with this a 100%. I wouldn’t do that either. I have had a few approach me for this exact thing and I have been able to deflect them away.


Last week I came across a blog post that told people how they could earn fast and easy a lot of money. They suggested to look what gigs are popular and just offer the same stuff.
Since I saw this blog post and the tons of fortune seekers who reacted to it, I’m not surprised anymore that there are so many stolen gig descriptions, fake profile images, phony sellers and tons of ‘How to mek sell’ posts here.
People are just stupid.


I am glad you are back to your sweet self and that a sweet treat helped get you there.

My mom called them Mexican wedding cakes, and I have I have friends who call them Russian wedding cakes. My mom-in-law made something similar in a log shape and called them pecan fingers. Yes, they leave many crumbs, and they are covered in powdered sugar that gets everywhere.


I know this may be off topic, but does Fiverr team actually review the gig before it is posted publicly? Because it seems like there are so many gigs out there that plagiarize others’ work.

I think they are maybe reviewed by a bot that checks for words like “academic” and other words that indicate the gig is against TOS. I do not think they are evaluated to see if they are plagiarizing other sellers gigs.

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Well that’s not very helpful!

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I think Fiverr does not have the resources to employ workers to proofread every gig. :confused:


Its really very helpful for me !!!

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If you can remember four words, remember this:


If you do, you’ll avoid a lot of headaches, problems, etc.


Thanks for nice post

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As a new seller, should do what you are very experienced at, in order to get sales.

However, I used Fiverr to develop my skills. In the beginning, my animation style was not too good and I just started animation, but I was able to improve after I received more experience and more orders.

Now, I am able to charge higher prices than I was charging at the beginning of my Fiverr journey.


As a new seller , you should be have pateints and try again and again
even I am also a new seller so i also need to have patients because if we are doing our work honestly so one day we will get success

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