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New sellers, please stop asking other sellers for work

This got pretty annoying now. I know people already wrote about this multiple times, but I just need to rant a bit.

Every day I am receiving at least few messages about asking for work, to give them work, or to work with me. Please just stop and read TOS

Worst thing is that some of sellers aren’t new here at all, some of them are level 1 or even level 2.

And even I report them, they are still messaging me like nothing happen.

If I need someone to work with me, it will not be some random person, it will be someone who I can trust. And I already have a friend who is working with me already, but people just can’t read or TOS or anything at all.


Sometimes you have to report a user twice to truly block their messages.

The messages I get of this nature basically say “send me clients” without a please/thank you, just an expectation that I should give them something.

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:crystal_ball: Very doubtful

Super annoying I know, just ignore them tbh

I think report button doesn’t do much. There was bunch of times I reported it and they were still messaging me all the time. There were people who messaged me 10 times after reporting.

Now I am getting custom offers from some seller. Got 3 custom offer in few second and of course there isn’t any button for reporting

I report them all.

They get an account warning for it.