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New seller's plight

As a new seller you are face with many challenges. The passion and drive to make extra dollars are halted by this challenges, if care not taking.
What marveled me, is that all strategies to rank gig as written here and many other blogs seems to be the same. Many when applied and even when followed consistently seems not to yield a positive result.
All articles hinge on keywords research, Social media ( paid and free gig ads), forum commenting, using gig video, always online, optimized gig title and description, low pricing and buyers request.
Sometime, I ask myself what will I do to make comfortable income from Fiverr and I am aware many new sellers face the same challenges.


It is really important to develop a critical eye for what advice is credible and what advice is not.

Remember that anyone can post in the forum and most bad advice is not removed.

The examples you give are all bad advice and a lot of sellers like to dole it out here.

The more you research how business and sales actually work, the easier it will be to identify credibility and a lack of credibility and differentiate the two.


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You joined Fiverr less than a month ago and you have made at least 2-sales with 5-star reviews.

I’m sorry, but you will be asking yourself the same question for the next 2, 4, or 10 years depending on how long you decide to freelance. There is no answer and there’s definitely not an easy one.

Some gigs fall out of fashion as digital marketing trends change. Whiteboard videos and animated explainer videos are one example of this. Your first goal, therefore, needs to be to diversify what you offer.

As a rule, the first 2-years of freelancing are going to be super hard and after that… Well, no one waves a magic wand and makes things go any easier. All that happens is you learn how to cope with challenges better, target new niches, attract better clients, and improve your overall service.

It’s basically like pushing a rock up a hill. You will go mad if you think about it. In this case, all you can do is try and imagine that the rock is something else and the hill is a bit flatter.


That’s what I was afraid of. It explains a lot.


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Thank you for your advice.
What you just said has a lot of meaning.
I am seriously researching to see a better way to a give boom to my freelancing work.
I seriously believe you, that there are many unhealthy advice on gig ranking in this platform which sometimes put new sellers who seek help in wrong way.


Thanks for your advice.
That means, I have a long way to go. Anyway, I believe persistence is key to success.
I will keep pushing the rock to the mountain top, one day I will reach there.

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Just remember to say “Hi” when you pass by. Also, a cold beer would be nice if you happen to have one on you. :wink:

I tried several different things when I started freelancing. There were and still are a lot of ideas that never got off the ground. The key is to not let it get on top of you. Eventually, you will find a formula that works.

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Definitely I will. Cold beer I guess. It will motivate to climb more

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I’m a new seller here. reading your post is truly a source of inspiration to be patient and consistent here. Good wishes and more power to you. :v:t3: :100:


Wishing you the same.

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