New seller's policy!


Looks like @emmaki was on to something after all!

Have you read the new seller’s policy?

What do you think?!?


Just saw it. I don’t notice anything that has changed though. I thought that most of the stuff on there was just kinda the policy before


I think they are emphasizing more and more on us avoiding cancellations like the plague.

Also is it me or did they add a link to etsy when they link to gigs??


Yeah I noticed that under the false misaccurate and misleading link. Whomever wrote that might have had that on their clipboard by accident


They sure did. Ain’t got the time to read it yet, but I’ll random guess that it carries a similar message to theirs? Maybe you’ll highlight that when you’re done reading.


Too busy reading etsy’s ToS now. Lol!


Lol I still wonder if that was a mistake or not


Well, that says something and indeed seller are cancelling to quick and too often. I wonder why?


Seems like someone was using etcys terms as reference when writing the blog post.


Fiverr is trying to pressure sellers to complete more orders.

Keeps buyers happy, Fiverr gets to access $$$ faster.

So lots of sellers refunded like crazy because they misleaded buyers into purchasing their gigs, and when they delivered something of poor quality, they always offered a refund to avoid a 1 star review.

So the next buyer could not see any negative reviews.

Fiverr finally picked up on that, and this update is essentially a “you’re on your own” nod to all sub-par sellers.


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Muddied waters indeed. In the cancellation section, after a lot of the usual, a wild contradiction appears!

[cancellations] also factors into your Gig’s position in search rankings.

That said, I don’t see anything here that specifically ties into my post (the nefarious one). Still, it’s a work in progress. Not a very good one, but let’s not dwell on that.

What I am saying here though, is that ONE sentence is a direct contradiction of all the little drama of the past week on the forum re: the cancellation rate upgrade.

Fiverr: do or don’t, but quit the goshdarn runaround with it all, for the love of God. “Doers” don’t like getting **** about very much.

EDIT: really, mods, I didn’t even use that word in the bit that was censored! But that’s cool, because that’s the word I really wanted to say.


It is a huge contradiction isn’t it?

It’s like their initial “be cool it’s just a metric for tmyou”, no longer stands.

At least now we officially know?


IDK, the etsy link (can someone screenshot that so the mouse icon is over the hyperlink and the thing at the bottom left is highlighted? I tried, but can’t be bothered to discover how. And I’m sure someone here has the tool!) reveals that this was kinda slapdash.

Hmm. Satisfactory experience, shall we say. 3.4 stars? Knock another one off for the complete lack of communication between departments that ultimately affects the workforce paying for all these grandiose new policy changes.

Including me never becoming a REGULAR so I don’t have anything to aspire to on the forum now. Probably. Just shovelling in a minor gripe there.


I closed shop for the night so I can’t take that screenshot unfortunately


Actually, I have an idea. Thanks to the magic of touchscreen and my pen thing that I never use…


I can do this if you need me to. (btw on windows just do printscr+windows key to screenshot)


Anyway, the pen tool doesn’t work for this purpose. Stupid tech. So, who wants to ask some poor sap at CS what that interesting new sentence in the blog means? It’s canon, after all. :wink:


I’m too lazy to read all of your posts so what’s the change lol?


Fiverr has an Etsy TOS URL in a link where it is stressing new changes to its system, and it also accidentally confirmed that cancellations do matter. I’d read it!

I just got a glitched 4.7 review. SIGH

Fiverr, could you kindly sort out your shit glitches and internal policy before “getting shit done”? Thanks.