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Hello all new sellers!
3 months before I was also a New seller,
and this month I left my job to work fully on Fiverr!
and its very good experience till now :slight_smile:
Today I completed 50 positive reviews all 5 star!
70 orders completed and 14 orders in queue!

If I am able to help I would like to answer all new sellers queries and questions here!
and All gurus can also Join to grow with each other, lets help each one :slight_smile:

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Honestly, I wouldn’t have done that and wouldn’t encourage anyone to do that until you go through at least a full year of working on Fiverr, because you might later find out that you won’t get any orders on holidays, Fiverr could change their algorithm again and leave you without orders, and so on.

All this happened many times before to many others who chose Fiverr as their only source of income, and I encourage everyone to have a [u]backup/contingency plan[u] if/when Fiverr alone doesn’t bring enough money anymore to make a living.


We were taught in Business studies that a Business man is the biggest Risk taker :slight_smile: lets move with the flow! Fingers crossed

I wouldn’t put my life and income in the hands of luck or crossing fingers - I’ve seen too many Fiverr sellers losing all their orders and disappearing, complaining and crying that they don’t have a job anymore, that they shouldn’t have left their jobs…


think about yourself, that is the game!
its all about hardwork and niche you deal here on fiverr!

Will keep posting updates sir!
I am ready to launch :slight_smile:

That’s not a great idea and I truly hope that you got more from that class than to just go for it and cross your fingers!
Presumably, before encouraging people to just take a leap, they discussed key things like planning, structure, best case/worst case scenarios, back-up plans, costs etc? If you applied those with as much gusto as the Risk-Taking element then you should be fine :smiley:


It’s about hard work and finding a niche, sure…but wouldn’t you say a wise businessman/woman should also look before they leap? Taking risks is fine and all, but definitely don’t go all out without a safety net.


I am all set with everything you have mentioned sir :slight_smile:
Commerce students never fails :stuck_out_tongue:

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yes mam, you are right!
I will be a hero here :slight_smile: for sure, in few months!
not overconfident :slight_smile: but promising to myself

100000% agreed. What will happen if you don’t receive any order? So don’t risk your future.

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Well, Fiverr is basically my only source of income atm. And it’s probably better than any job I could get, so…

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I am not working only on fiverr,
but it encouraged me to start my own thing :slight_smile:
And I know where my future is!
I am into animations here, and also I am a fashion designer! I am working hard here and simultaneously building my own E commerce FASHION brand in India! Using services here only

that is my first game plan

:smiley: can you share overall experience from starting?

My last order is continue till, will complete the order, get the 2 level congress…

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congratulations, wish you success :slight_smile:

The beginning was very slow. I started February 2017, and getting a profile off the ground is very difficult - you have to offer good products for incredibly cheap. I got to level 1 in about a month, increased the prices a bit, and got to level 2 in another month. Then I increased prices again and was finally able to start getting a living wage consistently (a bit higher than minimum wage in my country) starting June / July. It’s going alright at the moment, and I have not peaked yet, I still feel like business can grow quite a bit. I’m aiming at getting a comfortable salary on 3-4 hours of work a day, and it definitely looks possible (dare I say probable). We’ll see :slight_smile:

Things to keep in mind:

  1. Cost of living. If you live in a very expensive country, Fiverr is way worse for you than if you live in a very cheap country. Obviously. This is the most important consideration. If I was living in California, for instance, I would be homeless on what I’m making. In my country (Portugal) it allows me to live comfortably. One of the great things about Fiverr, however, is that you’re not tied down. You can move to a very cheap country and work from there, I’ve actually thought about it.

  2. A few big orders are much better than a stream of 5$'s. Not only does it allow you to focus more on each project (managing files and clients is a lot of work, so having fewer is always better), but you will be making more impressive products (you better be, for the price), so you’ll have a much nicer portfolio, opening up even bigger opportunities.

  3. I turn down clients very regularly. You need to get to a point where you can comfortably say no to any work/price you’re not comfortable with, otherwise you’re nothing but a slave to the system.

Good luck!

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same is here sir :), i earned my salary in a week time only working 6-7 hours a day! from past 2 months! :smiley:

Well, actually, they do… all the time. Some of the world’s most successful businessmen failed many times before finally becoming successful – many years later. Don’t expect that because you took a class, you will be guaranteed success when you want it. That’s not how life – or business – works.


Well words are not enough to express what you want to, and what you can do!

I can and I will

Extreme overconfidence can also lead to a lack of success. Perhaps you need to dial back the “I’m going to be the best businessman ever” rhetoric, and focus on a more attainable goal. :wink: