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I call it promise to myself :blush: sir!
Or challenging ourselves

Alright. I tried to caution you. But you’ll have to learn for yourself. Good luck!

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Thankyou sir!

Wish you success!

I have already found success. But thank you nonetheless. :wink:

Please stop referring to yourself as an animator. You use an online service with preanimated elements that you then drag n drop to create scenes.

At best you are a glorified producer/editor. Not an animator.

That being said, I love your enthusiasm and your lines remind me of Naruto! You are like a manga character! :wink:

But I too want to suggest for you to be a bit more cautious as 3 months here on Fiverr are not enough for you to get the full experience and see the downs along with the ups.


Thanks for offering your help and experience! I do have a question/concern for you…

I have been doing really well on Fiverr so far, but I am having a very frustrating problem. I’ve made my gig as detailed and spelled-out-for-you as possible, yet I still get tons of messages with people asking questions. Either they neglected to read through my gig fully, or they are brand new to this service and have no idea how it works…or they want to ask if I can do other things not listed.

I end up spending hours and hours each week coaching these people through, trying to find a solution, and sometimes they don’t even order! It’s immensely frustrating.

I almost feel like I should create a free guide that I can send to anyone with questions. OR charge people a consultation fee, since I do have a background in marketing and I end up strategizing with them for hours and hours for free of charge.

I don’t have the time or patience to give free marketing consultations to potential clients who don’t know what they want…but I can’t ignore them either or else my response rating goes down. And I’d really like to help them, but they need me to hold their hand.

Do you have a suggestion on how I can save time replying to messages or how this can be monitized? Or is it the nature of the beast?


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I would guess it’s because of the service you’re offering.

I’ve read about it time and time again and I still do not get it. Online marketing stuff is just incomprehensible lol. People see the ads saying “make money online”, they read about funnels and stuff, they search for it on Fiverr and see your profile, and they think you can make them money. Even if they have no idea what they’re doing.

I have no such problem: I work on video editing, so I actually encourage people to message me before ordering, and even then I get orders out of the blue about 50% of the time.

Maddie, I think one of the reasons might be your gig description "start making money in your sleep with automatic funnels."
Promises like these will attract buyers who expect to get a lot for free.

If you need to educate your clients before they order your service then maybe you should offer a consultation gig.

It’s just my personal opinion, but every time I see slogans like this I walk right past these. If I was in your shoes I would build it up on value rather than simplicity. Automated sales funnel VS. regular campaign email. Once clients understand what kind of value your service brings they will start appreciating your time.

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Tell them that’s what they get when they place an order.

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Good to know. It’s an education problem that I need to address. I’ve changed my packages and started selling an info guide for $5, then my solutions for the standard and premium packages. Hopefully this helps. Thanks for your insight, I appreciate your time.

Great insight! I have taken this into consideration for sure.

In my gig, I do explicitly say what exactly the buyer receives, but the marketing side of me was speaking to the people out there who already know what they are doing.

In light of this, I restructured my gig and now offer a $5 guide on how to make money online with email marketing and automatic funnels, so that the newbies can get educated on what this is all about before they buy. In the end, I do want to provide a solution that they buyer really values and makes the most out of, so I hope this creates that.

Glad to pinpoint the problem. Thanks for your feedback,

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Oh gee I never thought of that.

That’s a brilliant a idea, actually. Very nice.