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New sellers posting in Welcome section how to get sales


I see many new sellers are using the Welcome section of the forum to ask how to get sales.

This is the number one question that repeatedly gets asked and this is not the proper section for that question.

I am not sure what the solution is unless a new section is created such as:

How to Get Sales for New Sellers, or something like this. This question is so repetitive there must be some solution. Half the time they don’t even have a gig.


Maybe they’ve cottoned onto the fact that Improve My Gigs and My Fiverr Gigs is nothing more than a vast echoing chamber of helplessness and have migrated over the great plains to the Welcome area in the hope of finding an oasis of people who need their services with manna-like tips, or something.

clicks mute button


They can’t all be over in BR, it’s crowded there.


Improve my Gig is the primary section for that kind of thing so it’s already available. A few people are kind of self appointed to help in IMG so that’s nice. When I feel like throwing out some tips for individual newbies, I go to IMG. Welcome is mainly for self-intro, but it’s not moderated heavily.

Intros/Welcome is a catch-all area and similar to Conversations except it’s intended for people new to Fiverrr or the forum and is Fiverr-centric. It’s always been broad:

There is no rule against asking for the welcome area as long as they don’t add links. Help requests are just more likely to be answered in IMG.

The only reason Welcome/Intros is there is because adding a new top category that newcomers see immediately helped massively in reducing the “how do I” posts in Tips for Sellers. It worked except for a random post here and there. You can mute the category if you prefer, but it’s mostly working as intended. I don’t know why another newbie/help category would be needed.


Newbies need help and i know every newbie must have some basic understandings about how things should work… if there is some other category for this then i am sure every experienced person will mute it and then how they will get there answers!!

Awareness is the solution i think …,may be newbies know the right category for “how do” posts and also if newbie have any questions…they must go through the previous posts first regarding any help and then still if they have any questions then go ahead and clear out things…


@divyagoel Welcome/Intros is at the top to help point the way. Some stop there and post questions, which is allowed. Some read it and move on for detailed help in Improve my Gig. There are helpful posts pinned in Welcome, FAQ, IMG and even My Fiverr Gigs in case.

Most mods don’t mute the helping categories and there several regulars who don’t either. For those who are bothered by the newbies, muting is there. You can’t force newbies to read, though. You are right that if more new categories were added, it wouldn’t do more.