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If you are a new seller your question as to how to get your first order, promote your gigs, use Buyer Requests … will have been answered many times before.
For a really quick answer all you need to do is type your question in the search bar above and you will find lots of answers from previous posts.
Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


How can I get more oders in my gigs…give me some tips how to write a buyer request ? I’m a web developer & WordPress expert.Thanks

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Hello Web_Expert,

From the professional vault see here


Just type “how to get more orders” and then “how to write a buyers request” in the search bar above and you will immediately get lots of tips from previous posts.


The search :mag_right: is a handy feature that I highly recommend.

Whenever I’m stumped on something or run into a bug/issue. I search the forum first to see if others shared their experiences or fixes. Which :stop_sign: stops me from creating topics on the same subject matter.


Hi, good day to you. This is what I do to attract customers first off I made sure that my gig pages are attractive to pull buys in, I made sure my gig image, description and any another critical information is correctly done. I utilize social media, everyone one is on social media and so are your customers. I use social media to target potential clients and made sure to offer the best pricing for them and for my business to grow. I also do collaborations with other freelancers so that I may understand more clearly how to gain success. I hope this was helpful.

How can someone succeed in this business

How do I get buyers? I’ve had 1 buyer for the month of April! What do I need to do differently?

@favourite_write @womenwin I don’t know if either of you actually read the main post of this thread, but @lloydsolutions isn’t offering to answer your questions. He suggested the search function as something that will help you out much more than any of single forum members can.


Hello I’m working on Fiverr from last year but haven’t got many orders whenever i get orders i get 5 stars and outstanding reviews but don’t get regular orders why?

Again, please read the main post :slight_smile:

Is gig categories make any impact in buyer request? please explain me…

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I remember when I saw this post created. I thought his exact thing would happen, lol


Very very, it’s makes many, it was there buyers will use to target what they needed.

Try to covert your account to buyer through app and click on “post request”, there you will see how its work.

I believe this help.

Always share your gigs on social media and google plus.

This thread is for new seller to get first order, your already have first order, you have chance to get more orders using “buyer request” then know much on how to write with buyers, tell them why your gig is the best and fit the project.

I think this really help.

Try to reply as soon as possible
but I think your idea is not bad too.:grin:


Thank you so much, one more question, if i make 7 gig with 7 categories, is there any chances to get big amount of buyer request??

You can find your answer faster just by being a little proactive.
I don’t understand why many new users ask the same questions again and again while they can find the answer within 5s of search.


Hi, I’m offering a gig that involves supporting the buyer for up to a month, do I set delivery time to max 29 days and then have to wait for completion before the buyer pays or should I set delivery time lower to a few days where the coaching is only just beginning and expect the buyer to happily pay during the process not at the end?

The obvious answer for me is set to 29 days to reflect the time period covered, but as a new seller I also do not want to risk non payment at the end of a long process.