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New Sellers .... Stop and Think!

If you are a new seller stop and think before posting on the forum. A lot of new sellers come on the forum saying that they have just joined a few days ago and are wondering why they have not got any sales. This question has been answered many times so it is a good idea to check the forums first to see if your question has already been answered.

You aren’t lying ! Too many people like to act first and think later, but they do not realize that the information is right in front of them. This seems to stem from laziness or a lack of reading comprehension. Either way, your problem probably isn’t the only one!

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They hope to find new tips!

Of course! The forum is full of tips. However, making a new thread titled “help me get sales” right above another thread that says something along the lines of “I need help getting sales” isn’t the way to go. @lloydsolutions and I are just saying that repetition yields more repetition. You’re going to receive the SAME answers nine out of ten times.

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every body have different experience in getting sales