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New sellers take note!

I’ve been on here for awhile with a little success so in no way would I say I’m a pro on here. However I have learnt a few things while on here. The first thing is when picking images for your gigs find good quality stock photos that are free of copyright. The last thing you want is your gig to be taken down due to an image you used. Second go for your passion, whatever you are good whether it be writing blog posts or creating music create your gig around that and the customers will come. Using proper grammar and spelling can be the difference between your gig being a success. It doesn’t hurt and will give you more sales.Lastly become a part of the community, I’ve just started doing this and it seems like a great way to bring my exposure to your brand plus you’ll learn heaps of tips from experienced fiverr sellers.

It’s also a good idea not to use a stock image (and therefore an image of someone else) as your profile picture.

I agree. You can always use your home camera and take a few pics, but don’t just take stock photos as your own…

Also canned responses get deleted especially ones that do not cover the brief fully.

I agree but use one as I don’t feel comfortable having my own face as a profile picture

You can use a logo then, there are free logo generators if you can’t purchase one.

Using a stock photo as your profile picture could make buyers wonder whether anything you offer is legit, or whether you’re going to (just an example) try to sell them a stolen text as an original blog post.