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New Sellers The Truth Hurts 5 Facts

Ok so my experience has been a negative one so far but understand the following 5 things…
5) Fiverr’s culture is that of algorithm fear. Say or do the wrong thing for one second your gig will disappear to the land of the forgotten. Fiverr is very much like “Inside out”
4) The only reason Fiverr has remained one of the top search engines is because every gig is spaming every social network to direct traffic back to its gigs
3) Logic would tell you that wix-ing up a website and promoting that instead, would be more practical and financially sound. (Unless your gig was dancing naked with a sign for $5)
2) THE only way to get your gig to snowball is do lots of work virtually for free and eat crow from dubious buyers requests.
Fiverr should be used as a springboard for your bizniz only

  1. Don’t bother promoting a gig with a meticulous social network campain , input to output ratio on Fiverr is non existent and constantly evolving to keep saturated gigs in forgotten land.You will need rocket fuel once you end up here.
    …So the simple answer to a successful gig is time and if you can make it on Fiverr you can make it anywhere. Should you bother investing time in a gig YES

I appreciate your honestly here and this response is with due respect:

This (2) is the only one of your points that has been really accurate for me personally, and that was only in the first six months I was on Fiverr. I still do advise new sellers to do pretty much what you described here, but then again, I don’t know if “snowball” is necessary for the average seller to make a side hustle.

I can’t see many sellers expecting Fiverr to be a sole source of income unless they invest over a year in it with serious dedication. Even once they do hit the magic number (and many do) to make it a sole source of income, it’s not smart to stay that way because no one platform should be your only support system.

There is a flaw with this theory and I know some sellers who have tried it and would say the same. The only way a wixed-up website (point 3) would do you better than Fiverr is if you also made good on point 4. You’d have to have the funds to advertise your wixed up website like crazy or you just won’t be found. If you know how to optimize your site like a master and you have a substantial marketing budget, then your own website would be a great way to promote the more professional services that are sold here. An aged website would also bring some results but if you had time to age a domain, you wouldn’t have just a wixed-up site.

Fiverr provides traffic and that is more helpful than many sellers think, even if you don’t show up on the first or second page. Buyers who don’t want to hire at agency prices are willing to dig through search and if the service is good, they will pay pretty well for it. I might not command $100 an hour like an agency, but I can generally get $30 an hour which is a bargain for a buyer and not bad for me.

Besides that, Fiverr manages other details of payment, record-keeping, an “out of office” method, ways to make gigs look pretty decent and several other things that many freelancers would need a lot of time and effort to do alone.

Fiverr has substantial problems. The search algorithm is problematic, the site is buggy, the service fees are too high, PayPal chargebacks can be a problem for small to medium orders or low level sellers, and there are a lot of other things I dislike. Even then, I don’t believe most people could compete with their own sites in a matter of a few weeks. Ideally, perhaps, they could earn money on Fiverr for a couple of years and work on other sites or at a regular job. During that time they could build a site of their own, age it, and save money for marketing. Then they might not need Fiverr. I guess in that sense I actually do agree with your overall post because you said:

I just think it takes quite some time to spring! I also agree that investing in a gig here is a good way to do that.


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Well said sir.
Can you tell me if i increase my budget 5$ to 10$ and give a extra work on my gig (90 time sold) will work like before?
I’m confused about this.
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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Or you could just try being brilliant.


Lol this is true. We all think ours are

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I am also , I think you like my post.Im not sure?

Your asking the wrong guy sorry. I’m a Voice Over in a heavily saturated Fiverr gig area. Good job on 90 five star ratings.