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NEW Sellers: Tip for not getting banned before you even got your 1st order

Gigs that you see on Fiverr’s main site (the things with pretty images, where people say “I will …”) are NOT buyer requests.

Gigs are like ads from sellers offering their service (as you should know because you should have read Fiverr’s Terms of Service when you registered your account):

Gigs® are services offered on Fiverr.

Services are things that sellers offer to do, not requests that buyers want you to do.

If you contact sellers without wanting to buy their Gig, you probably get blocked and perhaps even reported and warned or banned by Fiverr.

Don’t waste your and others’ time and first find out how Fiverr works, and only then use it.

Also, if you think that those “I will …” listings (Gigs) are requests from buyers, you probably should improve your English skills, and definitely not offer translation from or into English as a service.

Just in case, as Fiverr probably knows well why they put something as obvious as that into the Key Terms:

Buyers are users who purchase services on Fiverr.
Sellers are users who offer and perform services through Gigs or through the Logo Maker on Fiverr.

This, basically, means: buyers are people who buy, sellers are people who sell.
So, as Gigs (“I will…”) are put up by sellers, that means: do not contact sellers to buy from you/pay you, they are here to sell themselves.

If you’re looking for buyers (people who’ll buy from you), you can only find their requests by using the “Buyer Requests” feature.

Again, read the Terms of Service and make sure you understand them if you want to keep your account. Stay safe.

If you don’t understand how Fiverr works, read the articles in Fiverr’s Seller Help Center.

Reading doesn’t hurt :slight_smile: . Getting banned does hurt :frowning: .


Nice explanation for those who are confused. Hopefully it won’t take long to become used to using this site.

I never realized it but it’s possible to get banned if you are new and don’t yet know how to use the site or understand the basic rules. It must be extra difficult if you are not too good with English.


Informative and nice article for new sellar

Yeah. I get a lot of people in my inbox who obviously think that Gigs are Buyer Requests. Hence this thread. I hope that some might at least read the forum before they start to actually use the site, if not the ToS or Help Center FAQ stuff. I’m pretty certain I already browsed the forum a bit before I even registered, so it might help, at least some.


I get messages from people asking what a spell is. It’s a lot of confusion. One guy ordered from me and thought I was offering people a job. My inbox messages get more weird all the time.

I don’t know how people can not see what is going on here, what the site is about but it’s as if they are looking at something without the most basic understanding of what they are seeing.


I think we may have had an influx of new users from a “Make Money on Fiverr” course … they seem to think that being active on the forum will get more “sells” (it won’t) … and apparently have very little idea of how Fiverr works.

Sad they’ve been scammed by these courses … no doubt it will settle over the next few weeks as it did the last time.


It looks like the idea of selling things online, or how people buy things online, is a new concept. They don’t order things online and have never looked at ebay or any other sites where things are sold before. The idea of paying for something online is also new. I’ve met people who don’t know what Amazon is.

I’ve met educated people who don’t know anything about websites, or what is needed for them. They have a blank look when I mention working online. They say they didn’t know anyone did that. They’ve never heard of that. I’m just as shocked as they are when I hear this. And these are people who supposedly took college level classes in the U.S. And people who have been in the military, all kinds of people.


So weird … :exploding_head: :sauropod: :rewind:


This clear a lot of confusion on newbie fiverr user like me. Thanks for this informative post.