New sellers who refuse to read, you can LOOK at this guide


I’m sure this is post number 128 advising how a new seller can get his/her first order, but I’m afraid that while a few ( yes, sadly a few) actually have the motivation, patience, etc do actually read through ALL of them, spending hours checking other
successful seller’s gigs and using it as a guideline, then spending another several hours
creating their own gigs, we just keep seeing people post the same thing over and
over again:

Hey I’m new, help me get sales.

9 out 10, when I go check their gigs, it is very poorly done with stolen images and
stolen descriptions, and clearly those people did not read the helpful posts from the
past and they are not willing to.
(I will point out though, I HAVE seen people asking for help here on the forum who
clearly has spent a long time creating their gigs and by all means they looked great,
but they were just having a hard time getting that first break)

So, since so many people refuse to read, here’s a visual guide.
It’s a comparison between a good example and a bad example.
It ain’t the best guide, but I hope it is clear enough.
I do get the feeling sometimes that it’s not just about whether people read everything
or not, they simply don’t “get it” for whatever reason.

I myself prefer pictures than words, so here you go.

And yeah, I’m sure I’ll get spam messages asking me for more information.
Unless they word themselves in the correct matter, I will not be responding, and I will
report them, so be warned.

Sorry if I’m coming across as mean, arrogant etc, but I AM really hoping
that this will…well, help SOME people. I mean it.

OK I’m done.

How to increase Sell
Send out buyer requests everyday without a single order
New at fiverr plzz.. help
Need your suggestion!
I have a new talent
Not getting Signle Buyer Request
When will i got first order
How to increase my gig order in
I am new on Fiverr waiting for my first order Sir and ma what is the way forward

thank you , that’s a great topic can help newbie


More visual help guides please!


Since you seem to be the expert, what can I do to make sale?

No, just kidding, just kidding. I’m sorry that these are the kinds of messages you are about to get.

This is great. I hope that in the event you get bored or frustrated enough, we see more of these.


Yup, that’s what motivated me to draw this :stuck_out_tongue:

Well OK, I wasn’t completely bored, there were other stuff I can work on,
but I just wanted to do something unrelated to work.


…aside from this “what to check when creating gigs” one,
what other topics will require a visual guide?? :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

If I worked on “how to be professional” “How to communicate with your buyers/sellers,”
it’ll turn into a whole comic strip!

…or maybe I should create a weekly " a visual guide for dummies on Fiverr" series…

JK, that’s too much work :stuck_out_tongue:


I dunno, I just like the format you used!
Maybe try taking one of @jonbaas’s fantastic but straight-to-the-point advice comments and giving it a visual twist.
Granted, I am now imagining an image of Jon’s face with his mouth open and the line “It is not Fiverr’s job to promote you, be a Doer” coming out of it

Edit: Ok, now I just imagined it as a gif.
Ok, it’s bed time now…


LOVE THIS! :rofl: :heart_eyes:

Oh, I’m droolin’ :drooling_face:

The BIG busty :blonde_woman: gal looks familiar. :grin:

You’re making it too easy for the lazy :skull_and_crossbones: bones people. I need one for people who make their way in my PMs on the forum asking how to mek-sell and other nonsense.

Josh, you’re a mek-sell guy? Say it ain’t so! :hushed:
Tsk, tsk, tsk I expected more from you.


Dear sir, my success comes from the help of the Fiverr community.

No, no, I’m only joking. Don’t listen to me!

No, on my very first day here I saw ‘mek-sel bingo’ or something like that and it was a great thing for me to discover.


Eoin, something like this?
I personally do like Jon’s no-BS approach even though it can come across as harsh to

(sorry Jon, I know you are better looking than this… )


actually, that amazing bingo was another thing that inspired me to draw that darn
thing up there…


Haha. This is awesome!


Sorry, I had to do a side-by-side comparison. :joy:


So, whaddya think @jonbaas? :smile:


Genius! I support this idea. :wink:


No offense taken. To be honest, I love the likeness/artwork. Very well done! :smiley:


I thought I’d add one more thing IF the new sellers will read this that is…

It says up there to USE AN IMAGE THAT BEST DESCRIBES YOUR GIG for your
profile image.

If you don’t know what it means or too lazy to think about what the appropriate image is,
sorry, Fiverr ain’t for you.


I believe it is a spot-on, perfect likeness. I love it! :sunglasses:


Awe, great to hear that! I wanted to make sure I got the hair down right :relaxed::relaxed::relaxed:


Maybe you yourself don’t have enough time to make this a weekly thing, but we can choose some people that are halfway decent at graphics/illustrations and take rotations.


I do love it though.


@zeus777 thank you for the great tips. :smiley: