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New sellers who refuse to read, you can LOOK at this guide


thanks for sharing, I looking for actually that things


Really Great tips @zeus777


Might as well add this information too:
IF your gigs do not follow the “good examples” up there, no matter how many
buyers requests you may respond to, it would be hard to actually get a gig.
Buyers are careful when they choose sellers.


Real-life side-by-side is spot on!

(Yes, these are @jonbaas real words but YES I’ve done a bit of fancy smashing for brevity. As you can clearly see, I am NOT very skilled at Illustration like Zeus. )


The drawing looks more easier to understand.Thanks.


Perf, Maddie! :grin: OMG, what a hoot!

@Jonbaas is a meanie. :japanese_ogre: Well, in the sketch he sure acts like one. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
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Eh. Hatterz be hatting. It’s what they does.


phenomenal article for every seller. thanks you so much


That’s a great advice for us. Thank you so much.


I think its always helpful for us. Many many thanks for sharing this tips.


Thanks for the best information about how ot create a gig


thank you…for your advice


thank you this really helped me in starting so seller in fiverr :blush:


Thanks! This is awesome. :slight_smile:


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This is nice explanation! keep in mind visualization speak more then plain text, I know because I am infographic/visual designer