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New sellers who refuse to read, you can LOOK at this guide


Okay… I wanted to say Hi! to Mae too (Hi Mae, nice to see you again! ), but didn’t want to off-topic much so, to contribute something to the new seller pictorial guide but because I can’t draw like a Greek God or Goddess, I dug out the good old forum tradition of making very artistic use of MS Paint …

ToS = Terms of Service, THE must-read! Yes, all the words, awful, I know, but still, don’t be the red guy over there!


Thank you so much,this is really helpful…


Haha this is amazing. You guys are creative and fun to have around. :joy::v:

I have three questions:

  1. Can we send these pictures when someone is creating a seller profile?
  2. Can someone make one more picture with the following two points addressed: Learn proper English + Don’t try to give advice on the forum? I see many newbies not doing this, and it’s both sad and funny.
  3. How much would cost to hire @jonbaas to do a video saying “Be a DOOOOER!” and make it a Fiverr intro? :joy: I would chip in.

Ps: Your Paint skills are on point @miiila :+1:


Hmm. Since I am an extremely busy seller at the moment, how about $1 million? :wink:

That seems like a reasonable price. I have acted in Hollywood, after all.


Hi, I don’t have my first order and I want to know if this is because my gigs are bad can you check them and tell me? Thanks :slight_smile:



It is really helpful for new comers in fiverr.



its really helpful , new comer should follow this


OK, I’m back from my trip.
Seems like many people left comments which is great, but let’s see
how many will actually take it seriously…:thinking::thinking::sweat_smile:


Thank you ,
that’s a great topic can be helpful


I am new to freelancing online. I am a graphic designer from India.
I had no idea how to get work on Fiverr.
You really helped.
Thanks man.


Nice Post…helpful for all. Thanks


Thank you so much for your valuable opinion:grinning::heart_eyes:


zeus777 Thank you so much


really helpful…
just thanks bro


Thanks For Help.any one want logo design


Thank you very much for your help!


Thank you very much for your you this information… i learn lot’s of new things for your this post


thanks for great tips


hiiii am am new on fiverr


Very Informative and helpful for us