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New sellers who refuse to read, you can LOOK at this guide


yes, your all topics is’s so much helpful for new seller.thanks:neutral_face:


Really good information for new seller .Thanks


thanks sir you open my eyes thats what i have done in past … but now i m working very carefully again thanks for your such kind of information sir i m appreciating your efforts


Hey guys,

I am a new seller on Fiverr and I am following all the steps possible for getting a break but I am not able to get one so please check my profile and tell me if I am doing something wrong it would be really helpful


If you want help you need to make your own post under the category Improve My Gig. That is how the forum works. This is considered as spam.


Thanks for your tips ! It will help me … :slight_smile:


Awesome advice, thanks so much for the guide!!


It is enough to set off something good and unique as a newbie.

Nothing wrong with that and you weren’t :wink:
I would like to see more of this kind of post, pragmatic, to the point and crystal clear.


Thanks for the info!

I like the visuals, direct to the point and not time consuming.


Thanks for this tips


You are a true hero dude… giphy


Yes, your points need to be noted and applied as well. I agree with you. Creating own description by yourself is always good from copying others one. Be honest!!:ok_hand:


This is really for dummy :slight_smile: Too simple things.


Thank you so much. This is help new seller like me.


It is for “new” sellers! :wink:


I don’t have orders, i’m a new seller and second day on Fiverr :wink: But it’s unbelievable for me to hear such simple things.


I thought that too.
After you hang out in the forum a bit longer, you’ll notice that a good number of
people will actually fail to to the most basic and simple thing which is to be honest
and professional.


Oh no I’m part of the tl;dr group
Thank you for this visual guide !


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