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New Sheriff in town.. (Moderator) [ARCHIVED]


So I see there is a new sheriff in town (here on the forums) I am not going to name names as I will turn this into a Where’s Waldo search…My question is this, is there room for just one Sheriff here in the fiverr forums or will there be several sheriffs patroling this new fiverr community?


We’ve started recruiting some Forum members as Sheriffs to help us keep the peace :slight_smile:


Reply to @kevinwil: Yeah that is what I figured, I have been on too many forums over the past 20 years to know that only a few administrators can keep a board civil they will need help, glad you all recruited some great sheriffs!


Looking forward to Moo being a Sheriff she has certainly got it in her to be tell these young-ens a thing or two.


It’s great we have new sheriffs… But

Just out of curiosity, is there a need? Everyone i’ve seen so far has been REALLY nice and civil… and I’m REALLY enjoying it here. :slight_smile:


I used to be a moderator on a forum. A very, very big and well known one and the amount of stuff that goes on is just not funny. People start slinging round insults, making posts that have legal implications and just generally behaving in a very silly manner, forums bring out the best and the worst in people and trying to keep things under control can turn into a full time job to the detriment of your own work and business. I think they are needed and good luck to them!


Reply to @caiterz: As the forum grows yes it will be needed as forums are prime for trolls, I have seen many a forum crash and burn without sheriffs to patrol the streets but also remember as fiverr sellers we are also deputies


@markp ~ Forums can be hard things to run! If your forums got to the point where people are slinging insults around surely that should of been moderated? Even the member banned?


Oh i know forums in general are sometimes terrible places to be, with all the trolls and whatnot xD

But this one… seems to be doing -SO well- with no problems so far, that i’ve seen! :smiley:


@oranjewebdesign you would not believe the lengths people go to to avoid detection, even going so far as to work out when mods are asleep or not around. Some people don’t care about getting banned and just change their IP or use a proxy and just sign up again under different names, but you soon catch them as they type the same old rubbish in the same old way. With this forum they are out of luck as your account on here is directly linked to your fiverr account which is a really good idea on so many levels and I’m sure it has kept people from trying any “dodgy business” so far.


Reply to @caiterz: It just tells how awesome the Fiverr community is! :slight_smile:


I’m the administrator for several large volume forums & it’s hard work… Between getting rid of spammers & trolls, most people don’t even see this stuff because the mods I have on them are pretty stealthy!


Well we have some good sheriffs that Fiverr selected.


Well we have some good sheriffs that Fiverr selected.


Well we have some good sheriffs that Fiverr selected.


Well we have some good sheriffs that Fiverr selected.


Well we have some good sheriffs that Fiverr selected.