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New site - used to have 30 orders per day - now I am lucky if I get one


When I heard about the new site, I actually contacted Support and asked them if I would suffer any fallout from the changes - No, was the response - won’t affect you at all!

Since the new site has come along - my income is near to zero.

I am very dissapointed - one, with being lied to and two with the placements of featured gigs.

I am now looking at other options and sites.

But of course, Fiverr doesn’t care - they still make their money.


same here, i lost some of my best gigs


I lost alot of customer when new site opening :frowning:


Same here… No orders for past 2 days or so. I am sure its due to their messy search. It just takes 1 update form their site to destroy all the years of hardwork. Also there is no proper transparency in ranking in search. Some results are getting featured in the top suddenly. The top sellers are nowhere to be seen.

Not sure if Fiverr really cares about their top/old sellers since they are already making money even if they get sales on a bad gig…


I have to say I am experiencing the same problem… I am a featured seller for voicemail gigs…and now it is nearly impossible for me to gain sales with this new format. Personally as a seller, I scope through fiverr for my own shopping. The new format just provides anxiety, it’s so cluttered, so messy, and as a buyer I would be absolutely lost.


Same exact thing here - no sales since V2 - was doing very well with old Fiverr. Even posted a new gig - nothing.


So, I wonder if anyone from Fiverr has anything to say about the current state we sellers find ourselves in?

Fiverr? Anyone? Perhaps a solution to our prob


Likewise, since V2 no sales, no NADA!..I cannot even find my gig listed on the fiverr website. I can’t find ME or my gig in a search. Ridiculous! Been a level two seller for three years…all gone apparently. Fiverr need to sort it out or many of the top sellers are gonna be pissed!


I really think Fiverr isn’t going to do anything. Why? Because from the feedback I have gotten or seen, Fiverr does not think there is a problem or it is a minor tweak they are working on. All in all, I’m still getting sales, but not at the rate I was getting.

I’m wondering if it would not be more productive if we put our collective minds together and try to come up with a strategy to help our sales. I think if we are waiting for Fiverr to make a change so it reflects the results you received from version 1, it will never happen.

It is like google changing their algorithm for ranking sites. I could beg google all I want to go back to the old algorithm where my site ranked higher, but it will never happen. Google will tell you, you need to come up with a new strategy to meet our changes since we will not revert back to the old algorithm.

Anyone want to start a strategy post – testing, trial and error, etc is the only way I know how to find out what works and what doesn’t. We could keep complaining to Fiverr but I’m convinced it won’t do much good.

Anyways, that is my 2 cents.


Obviously from the huge response from Fiverr they simply could care less


Hey guys For me speed is same with sales

sometime its happen but be patient Hope for the best


There are now numerous gigs selling fraudulent/illegal services. Those are approved and not denied or removed so it begs the question who is listening at fiver?


What strategy should we use … the new web page is really dizzy and it makes also me confused … I made just 32 us$ in last 1 month so things are bad as hell



Same here. I’d get 3-4 orders per day with the old site. Now I’m getting 1, maybe 2 per week! 3 of my steady clients told me they are confused with the new site. I’m glad I am not the only one with fewer sales.


I’m not a fan of V2. I thought they were going to rotate the gigs to give fair exposure, but it seems that it’s not happening. It appears that the recommended gigs do not change and unless you show up there, you have little chance of getting work from new buyers. Does anyone know how the gig placement is rotated?


I have had the same issues. I once averaged about 10 orders or more per day. I am now down to less than half that. V2 has not been a good thing. It is very unfair especially in my voice over category where three people are getting all the exposure and work. I was a top seller with great reviews but that ship has sailed. I am very upset. I have complained many times and have not a satisfactory response.


Its the same for me almost no sales, but i have come up with a plan that might help us all i made a forum where we can list our gigs, i think its the only way for us get more sales so i hope you will take advantages of this and list your gigs there the more we are the better and more traffic we get, i cant put a link here but you can find it in my gigs ,its free to join and list a gig!


In my 3 years dedicated services here i have never seen such a bad days, no orders . . ?

Only 1 or 2 orders in a day or after a gap of 3 or 4 days. I used to get some where 8 to 10 orders a day, but now no orders… What can be done!


i wish they would switch it back. i used to have a lot of gigs a day. now its 5-8 a week :frowning:


3 days with nothing, then a week or so with several orders per day and a bunch of inquiries. Then a quiet period again. It’s never been steady on Fiverr or in my real life business.