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New Skill to learn...SEO OR Wordpress? Which one is easy to learn and master it?

Currently, I am giving Lead Generation Contact Listing and Email List Collection Services. I earned only 64$ in 2 months (4 orders completed). But for good revenue generation in long term, I want to learn a skill and master it. I am confused about which one to choose, SEO or Wordpress which has high in demand (regular orders) in coming years also. Kindly give sincere suggestions. Plus I have no knowledge of coding.

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I think both are related. If you want to work with WordPress you must know SEO. Otherwise you can’t be successful. You may start with WordPress, eventually SEO will come too on the way.


You should definitely try elevating yourself by taking on new skills, but you are looking at it the wrong way.

It’s like me saying: I decided to make more money and move to L.A… What should I do? Become a movie star, or an NBA all-star?

Find something you like doing enough, so you will want to go through the pain and consistency it takes to master it. Looking for what’s in demand so you can pursue that path, in order to make more money is you setting yourself up to fail.

Look into skills that you are genuinely interested in, see which one you like the most, pursue that skill and work hard on it. This will of course take time. But you are the one who brought up mastery.

If you need to make more money by next month, then that’s not what you should count on.


Worth mentioning and comprehensive comment.
But sorry to say, I am trying to explore myself from couple of months but cant succeed to which skills I am interested in. So, after unable to explore myself, I am thinking to learn one of those skills because both having regular orders,.

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What skills are you interested in if I may ask?

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I hate coding. Is it necessary to learn coding while learning any one of these two?

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No dear, but if you know html and css is a plus.


As far I know myself, I am unable to explore which skill I am interested in, till yet. But In the past, I took two decisions myself to do something and by the will of ALLAH, I succeeded. Means to say, Right now I have to take a firm decision which helps me in long run.

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OK based on your answer I don’t think I can help you see what you need to see.

Best of luck.


I at one time became extremely good at SEO. I had a few websites. And discovered I absolutely loved seeing if I could get them to rank well in search engines. It wasn’t just that it helped me with my websites. It was fun. I loved it. And because I loved it, I was fantastic at it.

To do that for other people would have been almost as fun for me. I would have loved a job doing that.

Frank tried to explain this to you, that if you love doing something you will enjoy doing it so much you will do well and be successful at it.

I also tried doing Wordpress and despised it. I struggled with it and it was horrible and boring. Could I be good at it? Never in a million years because I hated it so much.

You need to actually try doing Wordpress. There are tutorials that are free online. Start with that. Try it. See if you can even do it.


Seems from the comments that there is a deep relation btw these two. (Wordpress and SEO)

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Funny, isn’t it, @misscrystal - my experience is the other way around. Love WordPress …SEO is soooo boring … not bad at it, though. Don’t offer SEO here, but occasionally do a few tweaks if appropriate and I like the buyer! Lol!

But,yes, OP - find something you like doing, learn how to do it properly … and then offer it as a service …


You don’t know until you try things and then you find out what you can and can’t do and what you enjoy doing. Like my miserable failure to learn the first thing about coding when I tried to learn it, I immediately saw I could never do that.

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It isn’t a matter of what is easier or faster. It is a matter of one’s personal skills and value, which no one can know right now for this, not even you, and market demand. Your skills should guide your decision.

There isn’t demand for either of those things on Fiverr, by the way. Research your competition.

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I think it’s depend on your interest or passion. Both fields are good and have high demand in Digital Marketing industry.

If you want to learn both skills at a time than the best way is o create your own website and do experiments.

Apply everything you have learn


I strongly disagree with this statement. I’ve been a WordPress developer for over 7 years now and other than basic SEO I don’t know much of all the updates every search engine does and how it affects ranking overall, so it’s safe to say: I don’t know SEO.

And I’m yet to see someone that truly knows both skills at a professional level. Most professionals will specialize, focus on that and refer to another professional if needed.

I offer WordPress related services, so if someone needs SEO I’ll refer them to a good SEO professional, if they need a logo to a Graphic Designer, if they need copy to a Copywriter, etc.

Trying to do both is a good way of delivering subpar work on both fronts

Jack of all trades, master of none


Actually, I am waiting for this type of reply. One must focus on one skill at a time or even micro niche of that skill to excel properly on fiverr.

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you can go with wordpress & you can offer combo wordpress and seo services which will help you to sell more.

First you need to differentiate between soft skills and hard skills.

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Its not about making money only.
Its a passion and responsibility to provide quality service whatever you are doing.
First you have to know what makes you happy. If you cant enjoy it will not make success ultimately.
And also success is not about make lots of money, its about the quality of your service that makes your client satisfied including you.

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