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New slideshow video! Your feedback is important

Any rate about this kind of slideshow?

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I like it. Will the deliveries have the same kind of effect as the images on the video have? Or can you do with different effects?
I’d mention that in the description depending on which it is. If it’s gonna be all slideshows with that same effect, let buyers know that the gig video shows what the finished result looks like effects wise.

You’re saying it can have buyer’s chosen music though and I’m wondering how you’re gonna make sure the buyer doesn’t get in trouble or that you don’t either. Because if they tell you to put Lady Gaga - “Pokerface” in that slideshow, you can do it, but how do you make sure nobody gets in trouble for that? That’s just an example but unless you use royalty free music where in most cases you just need to credit the artist or use the music in public domain, how do you get these rights to use whatever music the person wants?
I’ve seen this done before, too, but I still have no idea how people are able to use popular music in videos like this.

It’s more of a personal question I have to you as a seller because I wanted to do a similar thing but copyright is tricky stuff to include in things that you’re also making money off of, so I went with music that was in public domain to be certain that I can use it and I can make money as well and the buyer can do whatever they want with the video.

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Yes, The output will have the same effect.
I’ll mention that Soon Thank You!

For the music, I recommend to use music purchased from audio jungle or from YouTube Library!

Well thought out, I think you’ll be fine with that.

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