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New soundtrack composer here (:

I am a music composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist. I have 20 years of experience as a musician, being composition my main vein.

Born in a family of musicians, I started making music very early, at the age of five. After leading and composing for different groups (progressive rock/metal, ska, jazz, experimental) and messed around with VSTs, MIDI and other music production software (Cubase, Pro Tools, Ableton, Reason) for years, I decided to pursue a degree in musical composition.

During my bachelor’s degree, I had my talent for composing professionally recognized, having won composition prizes and commissioned by some orchestras. I had the opportunity to make soundtracks for theater and for a couple games that did not took off. I also had the opportunity to deepen my knowledge in theory and orchestration.

As an instrumentalist, I am a professional trumpet and electric bass player and a skilled piano, guitar, trombone, flute and recorder player. I also have experience conducting ensembles and orchestras.

I decided to pursue my master’s degree in musicology, focusing on music creativity. My thesis is all about how socio psychological aspects influence how we listen, evaluate and create music. I developed a strong background in sociology and psychology during my research, which continues to be enriched through my ongoing PhD.

During my career, I have worked as session musician, live musician, improviser, music teacher and music producer. After working on so many bands and projects, I founded a record label of experimental music in Brasilia called Dobradiça Enferrujada Discos (Rusty Hinge Records).

It were videogame soundtracks (especially SNES) that made me want to be a musician. I wanted to compose music for games. Ironically, I never had a chance or the right environment to work with game soundtracks. The circumstances of life kept pushing this childhood dream away. Now I have maturity, experience and perspective to focus on making this dream come true.

On Fiverr, I will make charismatic music for games, videos and movies that sticks to brains and touches hearts

Please check my gig:

Also check my game music portfolio:



That’s so exciting!
I am a Graphic Designer but also a singer (but I only design in Fiverr). Do you compose all kinds of styles? or only soundtracks?

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Hi Nina! Thanks for replying :slightly_smiling_face:

I do compose in many styles! Although I’m aiming to work in games/movies industries, I can get some standalone musical projects. If you have a project that needs music, please get in touch! Also, check my portfolios (:

I’ll check out your gigs!


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Definately, I will check them as I may need to work with a composer eventually! :slight_smile: Thanks for the quick answer!
And do let me know if you need anything from me as well, I have worked also in Graphic Design related to Music, albums, etc.


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