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New Source file extra

As a voice actor, every client automatically receives the source file, so I do not need or want the extra available on my page. However, because I didn’t activate it, Fiverr doesn’t allow me to upload my work at all. Why is that?

Any suggestions?

I’m confused about what the hell a source file is? I am also a voice actor?? I just sent work to a client… I hope they’ll be able to upload it.

I thought about it a bit more, and i guess it’s not the exported file like an mp3, but the project file. So for example in Audacity, it would be an .aud file.

Possibly this means a higher quality file if they need to edit it on their end. Or if you put music under it, they can open the layers and change out the music and whatnot.

So I guess it could be handy if the client is good with sound editing. However, I never save my project files, so i guess I’ll just start doing that from now on.