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New Spammers are Annoying

Hello Guys,

Last few months I’m noticing one thing. New sellers are spamming each and every day. They are sending messages and custom offers randomly. Actually, they are begging. Isn’t it?

It’s so much annoying. They’re reaching me from sellers profile.

I think there are many buyers who are selling their gigs like me and receiving the same types of request. We should protect this marketplace from those spammers. We should contact the support and report each and every spammer.

What do you think guys?

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I think that you’re violating the forum rules.

You can’t speak like that about people from a certain country or region.


As much as I agree that spammers are annoying (I receive at least 2-3 messages daily). I don’t think you should discriminate by country. That is very wrong.

You should modify your post.


I know and I receiving this type of message everyday. I am agree with @catwriter spammers are everywhere not from a certain country


Part of your post is stating the obvious (we should report spammers). The other part is blatant bias against specific countries/regions.

Valuable discussion, I guess?


why post looking Blurred

Dude got flagged for being prejudiced.


is this bad ? :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Basically he was making unfair generalizations about people from certain regions.


Because this is flagged by community


who flagged him or it’s automatically happens

Another members because this is violating forum rules

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ow I see thanks :grinning::grinning::grinning:

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Sorry to like that but it’s so annoying. Especially when you’re busy and receiving such kind of offer.

I told that because I’m receiving from these 2 countries. I’m totally disturbed.


I know that it’s like a pain but nothing to do just report them so CS can take action

It’s so unethical & disrespectful what you just did. As @catwriter said, you can’t speak like that about people from certain country. It’s really unnecessary what you did.Wouldn’t mentioning spammers in general would be better?

Spammers are surely annoying. But they don’t come from certain countries, they’re all around the world.


Yes, because one person’s experience represents the whole of reality and is totally the truth.

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It is not that they haven’t faced annoying spammers. They don’t like how you said it. (forum rules) so they flag it to have it removed.

Had you not pointed out certain communities you would have been fine. No one likes spammers.


@cchaplin You can report suck kinds of spammer. Isn’t good idea?