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New subcategory! Visual Effects


Good news! Today, we launched an awesome new subcategory, called Visual Effects. As a result, we also renamed Editing & Post Production to Video Editing. Therefore, we’ve moved your Gig to the Visual Effects subcategory.

Today we’re making some changes in Editing & Post Production SC in the Video & Animation category.

  • Editing & Post Production will be renamed to Video Editing
  • Launching a NEW subcategory called Visual Effects
  • we’re moving around ~550 gigs from Video Editing to Visual Effects (and a few to Logo Animation)

Please follow the link here -> for more info.



Post edited since there’s still an option for roto in the compositing section and I assume complex roto won’t have to be done in all gigs in the “roto & keying” section.

Also I’m not sure why every new subcategory needs a new gig (eg. why does “cleanups” need to be a separate subcategory and therefore a require a separate gig when sellers have a very limited number of gigs they can create per level? Why couldn’t things like that just be done in the composting subcategory with fields to specify whether your gig includes that and a pricing structure that allows for it?


Good to know this. I think we need more subcategories for great extension of jobs.


Why do we need more subcategories for things that could be done in one gig when putting them in more subcategories will now need specific gigs for those and Fiverr hasn’t increased the number of gigs we can have per level? What if someone needs 2 or 3 of those services done together (in one gig)?


Good additional from Fiverr. All the best


Note: There’s a spelling mistake in the Fiverr video about this.
In the video at around 9 to 15 seconds it says “Rotosctoping & Keying” instead of “Rotoscoping & Keying”.


Thank you so much for your Important Information :heart:


Wonder if it was a $5 voice over😆
Got some bad plosives too
43:00 - 45:00
Only joking super category


Maybe this is why my Gig has been in “Modification Limbo” for the last 5 days? It was going along fine then all of a sudden I got a notice that my Gig needed to be Modified. I’ve Modified it 4 times and it still not being accepted.
If you have any suggestions please help me get my GIg back up. I’ve done a lot of work to get the rating and feedback that’s attached to this Gig.


Hi there,
Thanks for the reply! These are definitely great comments. The reason behind separating the services into 6 sub-services (Roto, cleanups, match moving etc…) is that very often, there are projects that require just one type of fix/enhancements… i.e - a shot that has wires (cleanups) in it or a video that needs only color grading.

As you mentioned, if you’re willing to offer a full service, that includes match moving, rotoscoping and compositing all this, you’ll be able to build packages with these components under “Compositing” which as you probably know, is about taking all these layers of fixes, enhancements, design - and put them together.

Happy to take more questions around it!


Hey Greg,

Great Gig you have there! Your Gig seems to be where it belongs… it definitely isn’t part of the Video & Animation category so no reason why it would be affected by this change.



Oh shoot! Thanks for noticing that, we’ll fix and replace the video :slight_smile:


Thanks. Though while there are new packages in the new compositing service, including rotoscoping, motion design etc., “clean-ups” isn’t one of the new ones. So someone looking for that would likely go with one of the new gigs in that particular service. There’s no checkbox in search for them to find someone in the compositing category that would do clean-ups. Also, doing a Fiverr search for “rotoscoping” (in the search bar) doesn’t find a Fiverr gig in the compositing section that has “rotoscoping” checked in its packages, even with “rotoscoping” as a gig tag.

Also, the new components in the compositing service have only checkboxes for each of the gig packages. It doesn’t give very much fine tuning on the price (other than whether that service is included in one of the 3 gig packages).

Also calling one of the new services “Rotoscoping & Keying” may make a buyer think that every gig there will also be for rotoscoping alone even though those gigs may only offer a much reduced amount of rotoscoping compared to a gig actually designed for doing that alone (without a green screen).

If Fiverr would prefer sellers in these areas to create custom gigs for things like this, to make it easier for buyers and it would have the advantage of allowing more precise pricing, couldn’t Fiverr increase the number of allowed gigs per level, at least in these areas if the number of subcategories are increasing there (since some/all of the subcategories would normally have been done in 1 gig previously)?


Love Fiverr! Making me a t-Shirt.


It’s valuable to buyers and sellers because you add those filters to your search to narrow your results.


But sellers in those categories could already do things like “clean-ups” in the compositing service (they haven’t added a section in each package with a checkbox for “clean-ups”). Fiverr hasn’t added a filter to be able to find those who could do that that have a gig in the compositing category. They also can’t find compositors who do rotoscoping just by searching for “rotoscoping” even if it’s in a gig tag (unless maybe if it was part of the gig title). Fiverr also hasn’t increased the number of gigs a seller can have per level, so sellers in those categories can’t necessarily create a separate gig for each of the new subcategories that they can provide services in.

If an existing service is basically going to be split into multiple categories which can now have gigs (which could have advantages since it could allow the price to be more specific) the number of gigs a seller should be able to create, at least in those areas should be increased. Otherwise it will also give less choice to buyers who may not find the best gig for them (since it won’t be easy to find the seller/gig who will best do what they what, in the time required, for the price they require).


wow! It is very helpful every buyer and seller


Oh wow! This is very cool


Glad to know that Fiverr categorization is meeting precision. :slight_smile: