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New symbols for To Do, Notifications, and Inbox

I’m still trying to get use the the new symbols. I liked the way it was before because it would tell me the number of tasks at a glance. I can’t tell if there is a new message in my inbox or a new notification because the little colored ball is always there, even when I’ve looked at everything.

Is anyone else having a problem getting used to it?

I quite like the orange flashy thing that alerts you to a notification, but the to-do list icon sucks!! It’s just a tick, that has a blue dot over it whenever you have a new task. Unless you get one order a day, it’s useless!!!

Reply to @kjblynx: Same here, once it checked the “to do” orage dot just disappears, i hate that so much :). Now i can’t see how much orders i have to do.

I like them but wish they would function as the old ones did. Ideally i would like an option to manually mark tasks as done, messages as red etc.

Yes I definitely agree. I liked the old way better when they had the number of things to-do. Now I have no idea how many things I have to do. I have to actually count.

Lol. I agree… they have taken some time to get used to.