New Tip Feature is Live!


We know our sellers have been asking for this for quite some time. And now the new Tip feature is live! The feature gives buyers a seamless option to leave a tip after an order is marked as complete and a positive review is left (4 stars and above). The tip option will stay open for seven days after the order is complete.

For more information, you can visit our support center page here:


Fabulous. Responsiveness should be a KPI. Haha… Even if its a “no. I cant handle sucha project”. Perhaps sellers do deserve “half a tip” for honesty than doing a Ninja on buyers. :stuck_out_tongue: im only an innocent buyer! Haha.





Really nice addition. Keep up the good work. :slight_smile:




I really like the idea of this and thank you fiverr for this feature. We can now stop creating donation gigs :slight_smile:

It’s great. Hope you guys can come up with more useful features like this more often.


It should be optional and we should be able to include our own message to the buyer.


I like the idea. I don’t have a tip gig, but have had buyers just order again for tips. This makes it easier for those who are very happy to show how much they value our services. I know I try to over deliver.


Yes. This is great feature but why 20% takes that too tip value ?


Totally awesome! Already got my first tip! Thanks Team Fiverr!


Great its surely helps to improve the quality of every seller :slight_smile:


Reply to @iam_toby:

I don’t see this as being bad or unfair at all. We are, afterall, conducting business on Fiverr’s freelance platform. They have every right to take a share of each sale – that’s how business works. If you were offering your services on your own website, you own the website, so there’s no one else providing the platform upon which you operate. In that case, all earnings go to you.

If you were to take your services to a trade convention in a convention center somewhere, you get to keep the money you make… but you still have to pay the convention center hosts in order to rent at table/space in their merchant hall.

Fiverr is no different than that convention center example. You are conducting business in someone else’s space. Thus, you need to “pay rent” to operate within that space. :slight_smile:


This is a lovely touch. Thank you, Fiverr!

And in reply to @iam_toby, Fiverr delivers clients and handles all the billing. I view that 20% as my administrative overhead, and I think it’s very fair.


Nice feature…THANK YOU FIVERR :-h


Thank you, Thank you , THANK YOU FIVERR!!! :D/ :))


Thanks a lot guys!


Its an awesome feature ! Thank you soooo muchhhh !!! Super duper happy news for fiverr sellers!! =D> :smiley: :D/


Anyone not seeing that fiverr still takes a percent out of your tip?

Are you aware that fiverr taxes , the buyer , the seller , and NOW THE SELLER’S TIPS?

Get outta here , I’m not going to pretend I appreciate this feature one bit until fiverr gets their greedy hands out of it for a change.


Nice for those who accept tips! Is there a way to disable the feature?


I think this is great! Being a seller, I’ve had a few of my buyers ask if I had a “tip gig.” I just put one up last week, but now that this is available, and right there for them to see, I hope that more buyers will think, “Why not.” haha! Thank you Fiverr for helping out us sellers to make a little more and feel appreciated for all of the hard work we put into the services we provide :slight_smile:


Reply to @madmoo:

I added it to my profile when i noticed the feature. However it would be much better if it was an optional feature!