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New tip: Tranfer upto 2.5GB files with buyers and sellers

Firefox introduced a new file sharing service with the following features called Firefox Send. The spaciality of this service is the file will be deleted and the link will be expired once it reaches the set period or how many times a file can be downloaded.

Once the files are uploaded,

  • you can choose how many times the files can be downloaded by the recipient (up to 100 times) before the link expires
  • you can instead choose a time period (up to 7 days) after which the link automatically expires
  • make it even more secure, you can add a password to the link and share the password along with the link so only people with the link and the password have access to the files

Hope this is helpful to you.

Thank you
Shifan :slight_smile:


What does this have to do with Fiverr, or the Fiverr delivery system? The Fiverr delivery system has its own upload screen, and has nothing to do with Firefox uploads.

In addition, how is this a tip for Fiverr sellers?


Well some buyer/sellers need to send larger files that is not allowed in Fiverr due to size limitations. And unlike cloud storage this is temporary, you can set the link to expire once the file is downlanded.

Maybe you need it maybe you don’t. But someone else might need a service like that. So it would be helpful for them. :slight_smile:

Does that work completely anonymously, or could the recipient of the link see any info such as your email or firefox account when they click the link?

If it’s anonymous, it should be okay but maybe someone who wants to use it should better ask support if it’s okay first; as far as I know, they tend to tell people who ask specifically to use dropbox or wetransfer if the Fiverr uploader really doesn’t work for their file size. Just to make sure they won’t get themselves into trouble by using such a link.


There are two types of the service.

  1. You can use upto 1GB without loging in, that is anonymous.
  2. You need to login to upload 2.5GB file. You’re not going to exchange any contact information, only a link to download the file.

Even with dropbox and wetransfer you can exchange contact information. But I don’t think majority of sellers and buyer will do that.

You can think of this as a temporary cloud storage. Once the file is downloaded the link will expire and file will be deleted. So it’s very safe for people who are afraid of mistakenly sharing a file link to someone they didn’t intend to.

thanks for the info. it’s good to learn something new every day

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