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New Tipping System

I just wanted to thank Fiverr for implementing the new tips system, where buyers are asked if they would like to tip as part of the review process.

I have already had a few tips from this system and I will be able to get rid of my “tips gig” which I had setup previously.

A nice addition to the site!

Anyone else noticed an up-turn in tips?

Yes. I’ve already gotten a few. It was a great idea and I’m thrilled they made it available.

Glad you guy are getting tips, wish I could say the same. I had big hopes when I saw the change and I also got rid of my “tips” gig but :((

Don’t worry, you’ll get some soon! Keep providing great service and they’ll start coming in. The fact people are asked when they leave a review puts it right in the buyer’s mind, rather than then them having to seek out your tips gig.

Reply to @liverpoolmusic:

Thanks for the encouragement

Yes, this has been awesome. I’m a newbie and I’ve gotten only 10 sales so far, but they have been good ones (I do legal/business so I won’t get lots of orders per day like some, but my orders aren’t $5 either so I’m ok with that). I’ve gotten 2 tips so far and I am really appreciative. As a newbie I have the lowest available space for Gigs so I wasn’t too keen on creating a Gig for tips. I like that the tip option is created once they complete the order, I think it makes Buyers more likely to actually leave a tip.

Great inclusion Fiverr!

Nice move by Fiverr… Thumbs Up

I agree, thank you so much Fiverr, it’s a fantastic feature and makes each $5 way more worth it. It’s great that you ask in the review process too so it’s not coming from us as sellers. Really very happy about this feature so thank you!!