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New tips for inital fiverr user

When a new user create account. Also create gigs and complete profile. What are the other useful tips for beginner to be success. How he attract buyer after sending buyer order request.



See the post below, you will find some great tips and resources to get started in fiverr:

You can see this post for some tips about sending buyer requests:

Good luck. :slight_smile:


thank you for your feedback


I am new here, … I will try to apply these all tip for my gigs… this post is very helpful for me. Thank you

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Write attractive and precise content in the bid.


I did sir but no response…

How response will come from buyer when i send buyer request.

Still there is no response from buyer, but you if send me then infect the response should good …

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If you want to success in fiverr, then you need to maintain

Hard working
Best of luck. @jan_123

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I would recommend charging $5 for your service until you build up a reasonable client base. It took me around 30 days till I began receiving multiple daily orders. Imagine a heavy train. It may take a while to initially get moving, but it’s a smooth ride from then.

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Thank you reyhan. How can i spend $5 to my service to attract buyers?

Rayhand_graphics is recommending that you charge buyers $5 for services to get started.

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ok. But could you tell me how to send my link to friends and where is link located?
though i have already sent request to gmail account to more friends.

I don’t know what you mean and this has nothing to do with introductions or tips. Also, you should not be contacting Fiverr users off-Fiverr. If you are talking about some referral program, ask Customer Support, look for pop-ups about it on the main page or make a new thread.