New to 5r - Looking for someone to critique my wedding video?


Hi - I am new to fiverr so cannot be sure of the best place to ask this question. I want someone to view my wedding video produced by a professional wedding videographer and to provide honest professional feedback (good and bad).

Can anyone suggest how to do this via fiverr - I can see people will make/produce video but I just need someone to watch the video and give some honest professional feedback.


Hi and welcome!
I´d suggest to look for a seller who makes/produces videos which you like, and who seems qualified and whose profile and all seems honest and professional to you and then message them, most sellers do take custom orders and someone who makes videos themselves probably won´t find your request too far off.
Else you can post a Buyer Request over your dashboard: Requests > Post a Request, but the former approach probably is better.
Good luck with it either way. :four_leaf_clover:


Welcome to Fiverr,

as @miiila have suggested, you can do that in two ways.

  1. Search for the best one, the one with some good reviews. You can also ask samples from the ones you have shortlisted.

  2. Post a request in the buyer requests section and mention your requirements.

This might help you.


Private message me. I can help. Depending on what you need, it may not cost anything.


thanks for the advice guys - Landon i’ve sent you a PM as well :slight_smile: